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Brainstorming - Find wild ideas

Brainstorming is a simple 5 steps collaborative workshop that enables participants to generate, select and enrich ideas that can solve their business problem or challenge.

Retrospective - Learn from the past

A retrospective is a technique for assessing a project, an agile sprint or any other kind of event. It helps teams formalising lessons learned and crafting recommendations for the future.

New, Useful, Feasible - Evaluate ideas, prototypes or strategies

The NUF evaluation is a decision making technique used to evaluate a set of options (ideas, prototypes, new products, market segments) along three criteria:

  • New: is it new? Is it innovative?
  • Useful: does it solve an important problem or fulfil a real need?
  • Feasible: is it feasible? Do we have the opportunity, the skills, money or time to do it?

Then, based on the evaluation results, the team will try to find ways to improve the different options.

$100 - Select the best options

A smart and fun decision making workshop. Add your own options and ask people to spend a virtual $100 budget on the options they like the most. Using money, even if virtual, gives a very interesting dynamic.

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