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The most intuitive board for brainstorming & decision making

Stormz is an easy-to-use workshop facilitation platform for pro facilitators.

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Stormz is a wonderful tool to facilitate both in-person and remote workshops ! My team and I use it on a regular basis for a variety of collaborative problem-solving sessions internally and with our clients.

The interface is clean, easy to use and simple yet effective. The speed at which ideas are collected and an output can be created makes Stormz even more attractive to use.

The minds behind Stormz are helpful and always willing to offer support and guidance, I cannot fault them.

Cameron Lisney. Co-designer at CAP GEMINI ASE.

Two Tools in One! The Workshop and the Quiz & Survey

The Workshop

Extract thoughts, co-create solutions, and make powerful decisions.

This is brainstorming on booster jets. The Workshop is a flexible and versatile tool, an activity that gives you control over every step of the session. Design, refine, and tweak the flow of the creative process, making group biases and piles of post-it-notes, history.

With The Workshop from Stormz, ensure every idea has an equal chance and every participant a voice. With effective evaluation, ideas become concepts and concepts become solutions. This powers a decision-making process that’s informed and streamlined.

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The Quiz & Survey

Discover what your participants know and extract insights in real-time.

Create a quiz with multiple choice and reorder questions to stimulate, engage, and even excite any audience. Great to gamify education and make training interactive.

Alternatively, create and facilitate live surveys with open questions to learn more about your audience. Debrief during the session or use the Excel export to analyse the results in-depth.

The Quiz is designed to involve every participant and to keep your audience motivated.

Discover the Quiz & Survey
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