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The Collaboration Tool for Online and In-Person Workshops

Bring effective and stimulating collaboration to any organisation. Experience the power of workshops that are designed and refined to your exact needs for any group. Give every idea an equal chance, with Stormz.

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Where Stormz is Powerful

  • Online Collaboration

    In a remote working world, collaboration has taken a hit. Using Stormz, reboot collective intelligence and extract powerful ideas with our online tools.

  • At Events

    At large events, management can struggle to stimulate effective collaboration. Stormz is the best in the world when it comes to collective intelligence, whether that’s 50, 100 or 1000 participants.

  • Face-to-Face Meetings

    Facilitate meetings using Stormz methodologies and techniques that involve everybody in the room, foster creativity, and eliminate group biases.

  • Training and Education

    Make learning fun, engaging and interactive with the Quiz feature. Stormz is well loved by teachers and trainers for its versatility and ease of use. Plan sessions and execute them to a tee.

Stormz is a wonderful tool ! My team and I use it on a regular basis for a variety of collaborative problem-solving internally and with our clients.

The interface is clean, easy to use and simple yet effective. The speed at which ideas are collected and an output can be created makes Stormz even more attractive to use.

The minds behind Stormz are helpful and always willing to offer support and guidance, I cannot fault them.

Cameron Lisney. Co-designer at CAP GEMINI ASE.

The Stormz App

A powerful meeting software for serious facilitators and new users.

With Stormz, the flexibility and control available in our workshop and quiz tools make it the ideal app for experienced facilitators and new users. With these two tools, foster fruitful conversations, extract powerful ideas and take brainstorming, design thinking and strategic planning to the next level.

The Stormz app is built for the most demanding and experienced facilitator but those same versatile features make it also perfect for new users. Facilitators of all levels can fine-tune their sessions and design every step to their needs. Participants and audiences will be tested, their knowledge stretched and their decisions made collectively; all from the devices of their choice.

To give your next remote working session a boost, try Stormz online.

Our Core Activities Drive Collective Intelligence

The Workshop

Extract thoughts, co-create solutions, and make powerful decisions.

This is brainstorming on booster jets. The Workshop is a flexible and versatile tool, an activity that gives you control over every step of the session. Design, refine, and tweak the flow of the creative process, making group biases and piles of post-it-notes, history.

With The Workshop from Stormz, ensure every idea has an equal chance and every participant a voice. With effective evaluation, ideas become concepts and concepts become solutions. This powers a decision-making process that’s informed and streamlined.

Discover the Workshop

The Quiz

Discover what your participants know and extract insight in real-time.

Stimulate, engage, and even excite any audience with The Quiz from Stormz. Gamify education and make training interactive. The Quiz is great for any facilitator to learn more about what their audience knows and the flexibility to extract results quickly and in various formats; makes this an unbeatable tool.

The Quiz is designed to involve every participant and to keep your audience motivated.

Discover the Quiz

Stormz Combines Brainstorming, Design Thinking and Retrospective Techniques

We know there isn’t a silver bullet. With Stormz, you have every bullet in your holster. Whether brainstorming, design thinking or retrospective techniques are a forte, utilise them all with the versatility of Stormz templates.

Try exploring one of these templates to get started:

Ready to Use Stormz?

Good decision. We’ll take it from here…

If you want to get the very best from Stormz and take your creative workshops to the next level, we’d recommend exploring our Get Started page.

Once you’re signed up and not designing innovative setups, facilitating workshops, creating quizzes, and just generally taking over the world - use the Get Started page and take the time to go deep on every Stormz feature. We even throw in some tips and tricks from world-beating creative problem-solving - this guidance, all for free!

Discover how to get started with Stormz

From the Blog: Learn the Art of Facilitating Workshops

Go Beyond The Basics of Divergent and Convergent Thinking

In this article, we’ll take you through a tour of the most notable divergence and convergence theories and go beyond the basics of how to implement different phases within your collaborative workshops. We’ll explore the depths of divergent and convergent thinking and examine how separating them out into different activities can foster the most powerful ideation processes for your workshops. That’s where truly original thinking can be unlocked.

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Decision matrix, multi-criteria evaluation: turning subjective opinions into a decision!

Also called decision matrix among insiders, a multi-criteria evaluation is a collaborative decision-making tool to assess and compare several alternatives based on a set of criteria. A well designed multi-criteria evaluation session rid you of the most troublesome aspects of decision-making, and provide the guarantee for your teams to get behind and support the final decision.

It goes without saying, but all this is true only when the multi-criteria evaluation is prepared, organised and facilitated properly. How does one do that?

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What is "greenhousing" and how it can help with idea development?

Greenhousing is an absolutely key concept that anyone wishing to boost the collaboration, innovation and collective intelligence of their team should be familiar with. It’s also one of the fundamental pillars we, here at Stormz, rely on to design, build and animate creative and groundbreaking collaborative sessions with our clients. If you’ve never heard of greenhousing, or if you’re not sure what it means exactly, this article will put things straight.

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You’re Joining a Pretty Cool List

Hundreds of professional facilitators, businesses and organisations use Stormz from all over the world and they trust us every day to deliver world-beating sessions. Here’s a few of our clients:

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