Unleash your teams’ collective intelligence

Stormz enables you to design and facilitate collective intelligence sessions to test participant's knowledge, foster meaningful conversations, co-create solutions and make informed decisions.

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  • For your events

    Stormz is second to none when it comes to designing and facilitating collective intelligence sessions with 20, 50, 100 or 1000 participants.

  • For your meetings 

    Facilitate meetings using methodologies and techniques that involve everybody in the room, foster creativity and take care of group biases.

  • For your trainings

    Engage your trainees or students during training sessions by testing their knowledge with the Quiz but also by facilitating unique collaborative learning activities.

  • And remotely

    Thanks to Stormz, no need for everyone to be in the same room to facilitate sophisticated collaborative sessions. In real-time or asynchronously.

The Stormz Application. A powerful digital toolkit for serious facilitators

With the Workshop, the Quiz and the Socializer, the digital application includes all the features you need to foster meaningful conversations, administrate quizzes and facilitate collaborative sessions such as brainstorming, retrospectives or strategic planning workshops.

Aimed at serious facilitators that love to fine tune their sessions, the application gives unparalleled flexibility. The participants can test their knowledge, share their perspectives, co-create solutions and make collective decisions directly from their laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

You can use Stormz online or find out more about the Stormz Box for reliable and secure onsite workshops.

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The Stormz Agency. Our facilitators at your service

You have no in-house facilitator? You don't want to spend the time needed to learn to use the Stormz application?

No problem! Our facilitators can help you innovate or transform your company by organising collective intelligence sessions which harness the know-how and experience of your employees to address your most ambitious challenges.

We combine elements of Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking methodologies to design ambitious collaborative experiences. Both online and onsite.

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You’re in good hands!

Hundreds of facilitators and companies all over the world have put their trust in Stormz to design and facilitate their collaborative sessions.

  • Airbus

  • orange

  • chaïkana

  • la cité - Le collège d'arts appliqués et de Technologie

  • Sagarmatha

  • Grand Paris Sud

  • Sonepar

  • SNCF

Collaboration is at the heart of Stormz. It is a wonderful tool that my team and I use on a regular basis for a variety of collaborative problem-solving internally and with our clients. The interface is clean, easy to use and simple yet effective. The speed at which ideas are collected and an output can be created makes Stormz even more attractive to use. The minds behind Stormz are helpful and always willing to offer support and guidance, I cannot fault them.

Cameron Lisney. Co-designer at Cap Gemini ASE.

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