10 reasons why you should use Stormz

  • May 24, 2017
  • Maxime
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Seminars, just like training sessions or corporate meetings, are now going digital to harness its incredible power in simplifying and strengthening interactions. As is the case for any ground-breaking innovation, one must consider both the pro’s and con’s and keep in mind what this can bring to your event.
After having facilitated hundreds of collaborative workshops, we decided it was time to take a step back and write down the 10 key arguments pleading in favour of our digital solution. Would you like to learn what are the main benefits of using Stormz and how to present them to your clients or colleagues? This article is for you.

How to go beyond the simple quiz and really address the heart of the problem?

"By combining an interactive solution and the science of facilitation."

There are two ways to improve interactions during an event: hiring an outside facilitator or using a digital solution. Thanks to Stormz, you can choose a digital tool that will boost collective intelligence. Furthermore, you can not only ask us to take care of all the technical aspects, but you can also benefit from the experience of our consultant-facilitators to design collaborative workshops combining the art of facilitation with digital instruments.

"By choosing a custom-made methodology for the issue(s) at hand."

Stormz is highly flexible: you will therefore be able to use collaborative dynamics to address any given topic, either by adapting your own methodologies or by using ready-to-use activities. Stormz gives you access to all the necessary features to brainstorm, decide or develop solutions, enabling you to foster truly collaborative discussions. You can also combine Stormz with manual activities, such as prototyping or graphic facilitation – taking pictures for example.

"By favouring in-depth discussions for a stronger appropriation"

Lewin experiment’s demonstrates how an interactive discussion, after the announcement of a major change, strengthens the participants’ involvement and engagement for the suggested solutions.
Discussions and collaboration, not only favours an in-depth understanding of the issues at hand, it increases the participants’ involvement and enables us to address everyone’s doubts. Confrontation of diverging opinions improves decision-making thanks to a deeper understanding of all the different interests at stake.

How to neutralize negative group bias?

"One iPad for three, the guarantee of a reliable and balanced collaboration"

By giving out one iPad for every group of three participants, you foster dynamic and creative discussions whilst enabling sufficient group moderation to generate the most relevant digital contributions. Groups of three people are small enough to involve potential free-riders or temper the ardour of more assertive figures, but remains flexible enough to enable the free expression of creative ideas.

"With Stormz, everyone has their say, even with hundreds of participants"

Stormz shatters the usual barriers – such as shyness or hierarchy – enabling everyone to express themselves, anonymously on their own smartphone or an iPad. Participants will not be discouraged, as is often the case if they have, for example, to queue in front of a post-it board or wait in line to take the stage. Anonymity, by putting egos aside, is a liberating factor and increases the number of inputs, as well as their relevance.

"Favour discussions by showing, live, the key take-aways and results"

When we leave the floor to an assembly, it is important to make the participants feel that what they say has been heard and that their input is taken into account. Thanks to Stormz, you will be able to give participants a first feedback during the event, through a word-cloud, a histogram or a bubble-graph. Pay attention to their reactions while they read their own contributions in order to ensure a truly constructive debate.

“How to ensure a smooth and reliable workshop?”

"Stormz interface is simple, highly intuitive and adaptable to all settings"

On a smartphone, tablet or laptop: either way, Stormz technical support is flawless, fast and efficient for all participants, enabling them to focus on the issues at hand. Our interface is available in several languages (French, English, Spanish, Russian and Italian) and can be accessed from any browser.

"Use the Stormz Box to connect all your participants!"

No more awkward moments when your internet access falls apart. The Stormz Box is the most powerful tool on the market, generating a local, reliable and secure Wi-fi network able to connect up to 90 devices simultaneously. Stormz can also extend this network and adapt it for more ambitious settings. This guarantees an effort-less experience, without any connection break, even with hundreds of participants, in a train, castle or scattered over several separate rooms.

"Rend hundreds of iPads for your event"

Stormz handles all the logistics, the iPads and Wi-Fi, to provide the most secure, neutral and reliable setting for your participants. They will find their iPad waiting at their seat at the start of the event, fully charged and ready-to-use, thus enabling them to focus on the content of the workshop. At the end, Stormz takes back the iPads and makes sure they are sent back in good conditions.

"No need to spend your nights deciphering post-its"

Conclude your event by exporting, with a simple click, all collected data in the format of your choice (Pdf, Word or Excel). Thus giving more time for facilitation, analysis and discussions about the results.

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