Configure Sections, Criteria and Canvases for Each Step

  • March 14, 2018
  • François
  • New Features

You can now set the Sections, evaluation Criteria and Canvases for each step, therefore increasing the workshops’ flexibility and giving you more control on how to mix and unfold the various methodologies.


You can directly create sections from the step panel and choose at which point participants will be authorized to fill them in. During a SWOT workshop, for instance, you can first ask your participants to add the Strengths of all the ideas and give their Weaknesses afterwards. The participants’ previous inputs in the sections are still displayed in every card.


In a similar way, you can also choose which criteria will be displayed and assessable at each step. This gives you more control on how the evaluation should unfold, planning, for instance, one step for the New criteria and two others for the Useful and Feasible during a NUF workshop. But you can also conduct several evaluations within the same workshop.


You can also set up several canvases per workshop, and choose which one will be shown at each step. This enables you to have two completely different canvases or gradually display the different columns of a canvas, for instance during a the visual brainstorming.

These upgrades might seem pretty harmless, but they truly increase the workshops’ flexibility. You are now able to organize as many evaluations as you wish. You can also use sections as an imposed plan to follow step by step. In other words, you have all it takes to freely juggle with methodologies during your collaborative workshops.

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