Your Events reach a new milestone

  • July 13, 2018
  • Maxime
  • New Features

Last month, we launched our new feature, the Event, designed to gather several Activities, whether a Workshop or a Quiz, within a customized space dedicated to your event. Among other things, this enables you to have a single code for all the activities and gives you more freedom to manage them. Today, we bring you more updates to take the Event to a whole other level.

  • Easily manage the activities of your Event. You can now export an Event in the .stormz format and thus save the whole program to reproduce it in a future collaborative session! You can also duplicate, import or export one of your Activities in your Event.

  • Invite all your participants directly from the Event via a 9-digit code and by sending invitation e-mails. The list of participants is now common for all activities of the Event.

  • Name Facilitators and Observers of your Event. In addition to having this role in all the Activities, they will also be able to create new Activities, to see the hidden ones and to accompany you in your facilitation. Disabled or deleted Participants are also disabled from all Activities.

All these new updates are designed to help the Event accomplish its core purpose: simplify your process and turn Stormz into an authentic collaborative space to welcome your participants during your events.

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