Meet Us in Saint-Louis at the "Leading for Creativity" conference

  • August 02, 2017
  • Alexandre
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Stormz and Leadership Dialogues are partnering with The John Cook School of Business, Saint-Louis University to turn their next conference into a unique collaborative experience that will engage all participants, foster cross pollination and increase learning efficiency.

Leading for Creativity is a "one-day conference delivering cutting edge advice from research and practice for leaders, managers or consultants who wish to help those who yearn to be more creative in their professional lives".

Stormz will both power brief interactive activities (Q/A, Feedback, KnoWonder) to engage the audience, and facilitate in-depth large group collaboration sessions during the event. Alexandre Eisenchteter, our co-founder, will also share his experience on combining Creative Problem-Solving Techniques with digital technology to deliver innovative creativity sessions with large groups and/or remote teams.

Stormz and Lego

You may know that we are firm advocates of combining low-tech devices with high-tech tools. So it probably won’t come as a shock to you to know that we are particularly excited at the prospect of co-facilitating a Lego Serious Play + Stormz session with our facilitation partners Ellen Moran and Greg Bliss.

If you would like to join us there, you can register on the conference website.

Are you a conference organiser? Stormz partners with a few selected conference organisers to help them deliver a unique collaborative experience that will engage their audience like never before. Contact us if you wish to get more information regarding our "Conference Partnership Package".

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