New feature: Direct link to a Stormz

  • April 09, 2020
  • Ben
  • New feature

Due to the current crisis, we’ve decided to change our priorities and focus on new features that can be most useful for online & remote meetings. This is the first one: a direct link to a Stormz that should make it easier for remote participants to join a workshop. Easier than 9-digit codes to memorize and quicker than sending an email from the platform. Just one simple click on the link and... voilà! You’re in! Here are the two best ways to use it:

  1. You copy/paste the link in an email that you send to all the participants before the meeting
  2. Or you copy/paste it in the chat box of Zoom or whatever video-conferencing platform you’re using right at the start of your meeting.

Our own facilitators have already tested the second method for real-life workshops, and it works just great. Enjoy!

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