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New feature: Editing the Quiz subtitles

  • July 22, 2020
  • Ben
  • New features

It’s now possible to edit the “subtitle” of a question or transition slide in the Quiz to make it more relevant to a specific context or add additional information participants can find useful.

Paul, our CTO, has added a small twist to it: you can use one of the following tags to display dynamic content in the subtitle:

  • Alias of the user: ${user}
  • Title of the Quiz: ${quiz}
  • Number of the slide: ${index}
  • Total number of slides: ${count}
  • Type of question (MCQ, Open…): ${type}

With these little perks, you can create some pretty cool subtitles:

  • Hey ${user}, would you mind answering the following question?
  • Page ${index}/${count} - ${quiz}
  • Instruction - ${quiz}
  • ${type} 
  • And much more...


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