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New Stormz feature: Vote as much as you want!

  • November 16, 2020
  • Ben
  • New feature

Last week, we released a new feature that many of you have long been waiting for: the possibility to run as many voting sessions as you want… within the same workshop! One of the great things about this upgrade is that it allows you to set up each single voting session with different settings to suit your specific needs.

Let’s look at different examples of voting sessions that you can set up within the same workshop:

  • "Like": enable positive points, no budget, and 1 point max per card
  • "Like/Dislike": enable both positive and negative points, no budget, and 1 point max per card
  • "100 dollars budget game": enable positive points, 100 points budget, and 100 points max per card
  • "Dot voting": enable positive points, 10 points budget (10 dots) and 1 point max per card
  • Feel creative? You can customize the different settings exactly as you would like...

Let’s take a quick real-world example, shall we? Recently, the iLow team was designing a creative session that was likely to end up with more than one hundred ideas. They decided to design a 2-step convergence process, that would allow the participants to quickly select the best ideas and yet avoid rushing through the process:

  1. First, the iLow team set up a pretty basic convergence step where people would “like” the different ideas. This would allow them to quickly scan all the ideas and shortlist the 30 most popular.
  2. Then, they allowed for a more thoughtful approach with a "100 dollars budget game" to come up with the final selection.

To learn how to use this new feature, it’s right here!

And a new design!

Oh, and by the way: we also used this opportunity to update the voting widget. Not only does it now look fabulously stylish ;-) but we also made subtle changes to the behavior of the "quick vote menu" so that it is even easier to use. We also redesigned and improved the chart that shows how participants allocated their points to a specific card.


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