New feature: Ordering question type for the Quiz

  • June 04, 2020
  • Ben
  • New features

Quiz/ Survey - Sort to order question type - Participant screen

As you might remember, a few months ago we completely revamped the design and released awesome new features to the Quiz. Due to the sanitary crisis, we’ve had to put all of this on hold and focus on bringing you specific new upgrades (Guest login, Invite banner or the Direct link) to help you facilitate online workshops in the #stayathome and #socialdistancing era.

Well, this week, we’re coming back to the Quizz! Following in the footsteps of the Open Question, the Multiple Choice Question and the Transition Slide, please welcome… the Ordering Question type. The ordering question type displays several items in a random order which are to be dragged into the correct sequential order; i.e. "order the following from most to least important". This type of question can be used both for a live survey or, when there is a correct answer, competitive quizzes.

To discuss and debrief the results, you have one of two choices: either use the simple-result view, where our sorting algorithm order the items based on participants' answers; or use a more sophisticated chart to analyse in greater detail how participants voted.

Quiz sort to order question type - Detailed result screen

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