"As a host, it's critical to co-create the Open Forum with your client" - Our interview with Nancy Bragard

  • March 08, 2019
  • Maxime
  • Interview

The Stormz Team explores the field of Collective Intelligence and its impact on organisations through a series of interviews and discussions with experts from our community of facilitators. Today, we sat down with Nancy Bragard, with whom we organized several Open Forums. It's also the perfect opportunity to talk about three methodologies we love and that are key in the Art of Hosting.

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5 creative ways to use the Socializer for your events

  • December 20, 2018
  • Maxime
  • Articles

As its name pretty clearly suggests, the Socializer aims to improve the social and interpersonal ties among a team or an ecosystem by increasing the number of meaningful encounters between participants. This is the core-reason why we developed it and the way we usually present it. But we always design our tools to be as flexible as possible and, more importantly, so that they can adjust to the needs and requirements of our users. To such an extent that the Socializer might be used in some ways that we didn't initially plan nor see coming, while some of its potential functions are still waiting to be revealed, unearthed and invented.

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