New feature: Broadcast messages to the participants of a Quiz activity

  • March 13, 2020
  • Alexandre
  • New Feature

Facilitators can now send messages to one or all the participants of a Quiz activity on the Stormz app – a great way to remind participants about how much time they have left or to broadcast new instructions. Just like the features we unveiled last week, this will be particularly useful to our power users facilitating complex collaborative sessions such as remote meetings or multiple simultaneous breakout sessions.

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Stormz as a solution to travel bans

  • March 09, 2020
  • Alexandre
  • News

Stormz has been designed from the very beginning to facilitate all kinds of remote meetings and turn distance into an asset rather than an obstacle. As travel restrictions multiply, a lot of facilitators in our community are turning to Stormz as an alternative to face-to-face meetings. 

If you also feel such a need but have never used Stormz for remote sessions, feel free to ask for support to other facilitators on our Facebook group!

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"As a host, it's critical to co-create the Open Forum with your client" - Our interview with Nancy Bragard

  • March 08, 2019
  • Maxime
  • Interview

The Stormz Team explores the field of Collective Intelligence and its impact on organisations through a series of interviews and discussions with experts from our community of facilitators. Today, we sat down with Nancy Bragard, with whom we organized several Open Forums. It's also the perfect opportunity to talk about three methodologies we love and that are key in the Art of Hosting.

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