△ : The Socializer completes our 3-layered collaborative toolbox

  • November 13, 2018
  • Maxime
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Collective Intelligence is a commendable goal that makes for nice speeches, but above all it's a multi-facetted operational challenge. At Stormz, we decided to tackle the issue by facilitating interactions during meetings, trainings and seminars. This ambition is embodied by our three collaborative tools aimed at fostering your teams' Collective Intelligence.

After creating the Workshop, meant to facilitate collaborative workshops, we launched early this year the Quiz to facilitate consultations and training sessions and are currently developing the Socializer to increase interactions between participants. Every tool is flexible enough to help you facilitate a wide array of activities and can be adapted to any context, with hundreds of people onsite or on several continents.
Let's go through the key aspects of each type of activity:

  • The Workshop
    In small groups, your participants can share their ideas, co-create solutions and make group decisions. The Workshop was designed to help you facilitate many activities inspired by design thinking and agile methods, like brainstorming sessions or retrospectives. The interface is based on cards that every participant can create like post-it notes and move around from one wall to the next. The group can then improve and enrich them with visuals, comments, evaluations and thus turn them into fully operational solutions.

  • The Quiz
    During plenary sessions, you can ask questions, probe your audience or organize contests. The Quiz was designed to help you check, in the simplest, most efficient and playful way, if your audience truly understands and adheres to the issues at hand. The interface displays a series of open or closed questions to which many different features can be added to animate and bring more tempo to your participants' questions and answers. You can even add a ranking to congratulate those who answered quickly... and correctly!

  • The Socializer
    Freshly developed by our team, the Socializer stems from a simple observation: to develop a group's collective intelligence, it is critical to strengthen personal relationships. Whether it's during breaks or activities, the Socializer helps you increase interactions between peers by regularly rearranging teams and groups. The interface shows a series of Challenges that can take the form of questions to kick-start conversations or of missions to break the ice between participants.

With the Workshop, the Quiz and the Socializer, you're now fully equipped to completely transform your events in order to make every second count and unleash your teams' collective intelligence.

Here are 5 activities you could mix within an Event page. With them, we guarantee your team will remain focused and engaged during a whole day due to alternating actions and tempos. It's ideal to fully involve your participants and dive at the heart of your issue in a step-by-step and pleasant way.

The day starts with a Socializer to welcome your participants (1. Icebreak) and immediately put them in the right state of mind for what comes next. With the workshop and the quiz (2. and 3.), the presentation will be much more participative and a true dialogue will be established with your audience. After those two interactive activities, your participants will be ready to kick-start discussions in small groups with a 90-minute co-construction workshop (4.) that can be debriefed in plenary. The day ends with another socializer (5.) inspired by CREA's sharing circles where your participants will be able to share their impressions... and business cards.

Of course, this is just an example, and every tool is flexible enough to adapt to any context and theme. We trust your creative prowess to make the most out of it for your participants. If you have an idea, or ambitious project, we'd be glad to talk about it with you.

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