Stormz Box Release March 2018

  • March 14, 2018
  • Fran├žois
  • Stormz Box

The Stormz Box is the all-in-one system that allows the use of Stormz anywhere.

We have just released a new update which includes the latest features.


Per step configuration for canvas

You can have multiple canvases per workshop and choose which one is viewable per step.

Per step configuration for criteria

You can choose which criteria is ratable and/or viewable per step. Adding, updating and removing a criterion is directly done in the step.

User interface improvements

  • The title of the cards are now displayed in the bubble chart. There is a setting in the bubble chart to display the card number as it was before.
  • The canvas has a special view on small screens with only the zones expandable.
  • The workshop settings are being simplified, thanks to the ongoing improvements on the steps. More to come!


You can export a quiz as a stormz file. And you can import it via the import feature in the dashboard.


  • The dashboard UI has been refreshed.
  • The workflow to create a workshop has been updated.

Update now

You can download and update your box by using your account on the Stormz Box portal.

Do you want to learn more about the Stormz Box? Contact us!

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