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Stormz and Tablets, a Love Story

  • August 19, 2014
  • Jules
  • Workshops

You believe tablets are only useful to play at Angry Birds? Or that it is the essential tool for any proud-to-be corporate guy? Well, try mixing both these beliefs, and you will begin to have a general idea of how we use it at Stormz.

Every single one of our workhops uses the tablet as its first support, ordered in large quantities specially for the event. At the rate of one tablet for every groups of three (yes, you’re starting to get it that we like working in trios), it can add up to … 300 or 400 tablets for events with more than 1000 participants for instance!

To return at the end, of course, although it’s possible that, after having used the Stormz app’ for two hours, you will want to keep it and use inversed brainstorming with your kids to choose which restaurant you'll go to tonight.

So, why use a tablet? First off, because it’s practical and easy to handle, and has a screen large enough to show quality content. What that implies is simple: with tablets, our participants can easily work with one tablet for three, exchange it, pass it to one another, debate and discuss without having to change positions every 5 minutes because of their laptop. The tablets enable, in the most material sense, an increased flexibility and fluidity in the interactions... in all kinds of set-ups, auditoriums, reception halls or else!

Yes, but we also use them for so much more. The tablet isn't, for us, a simple cool high-tech gadget, not merely a technical device, a work-auxiliary, a show-off and eccentric exuberence.

The tablet is at the core of our collaborative events. It’s a working plateform, a collaborative interface which enables all trios to work simultaneously on the same issues and topics.

This is how our workshops can mix face-to-face conversations within trios with digital interactions with the rest of the participants. It is this multi-dimensional quality that procures them with their singular taste, their very own dynamic and which leaves behind this sweet scent giving participants the desire to use Stormz again.

The tablet, and through the tablet our unique technology, liberates all the potential of the room, enables everyone to express their ideas, to react to its group’s opinions or contest those of the other participants, to enrich the collective content, in short, to create a work-environment and framework mutually perfected and in constant transformation.

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