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The Quiz Activity

Everyone loves a quiz. This activity will generate opinion and gather insight on any topic.

Design Your Quiz or Survey, With 4 Variations

Open Questions

Gather qualitative data with open and descriptive answers

This is where the rich answers will come flowing through, it gives participants more control over the answers they give; they can express themselves!

Useful for assessments or extracting new ideas; where a one-word answer won’t always do the trick.

This format is useful for surveys, where personal information needs to be collected.


Test the knowledge of your audience (discover the collective big brain)

This is a flexible question type that allows the facilitator to fine-tune exactly what answer is needed from the audience. 

  • The number of options to be selected can be set to one or several
  • If used as a quiz, the different correct choices can be indicated

Answer by Order

These questions prompt the participant to rank their answers

This question type is clever because it extracts your participant's preference, as opposed to just a binary right or wrong answer.

  • If used as a quiz, you can set a "correct" order and display winners.
  • If used as a survey, you can go deeper on ranking analysis to get into the mind of your audience.

In-Between Question Slides

These are opportunities to inject more information or context into the quiz

These are refresher, transition slides in-between questions where context or information can be shared with the audience.

  • Structure information in bullets, visuals, lists or subtitles.
  • Provide instructions or tips for an upcoming question e.g. no sharing answers with your friends!

Presenting The Quiz or Survey: Different Ways to Display

The Questions

Choose to preview what your participants see and present on large screens

The Quiz is built and designed for both small groups and large seminars, where the questions need to be presented on a central screen either virtual or in-person.

  • The participant view allows the facilitator to see what their audience will see, you can preview the exact view of the questions and answer response type.
  • The visually stunning presentation view is designed to show questions and answers on a larger screen.

The Results

See results live, step by step, question by question.

The results display enables you to extract live results and share them back with participants, this keeps everyone highly engaged. Alternatively, you can present back all the results once the quiz or survey has been completed.

  • Show the spread of answers for a multiple choice question with the correct answers in green and the wrong answers in red. Remember it's all anonymous.
  • See the range of answers pouring in from an open response question the qualitative findings can be mapped out on a big screen. If there’s one answer you want to focus on, it can be dialed into.
  • For ranked responses show two different displays, one for the most common answers and the other for advanced results.

The Leaderboard

Inject a healthy bit of competition into the activity

Here, we add a bit of spice to the proceedings. With the leaderboard view, the quiz becomes gamified and participants can pit their wits against each other in a battle of knowledge and speed. Bring energy and excitement to the workshop, whilst still extracting opinions and insights in the results.

  • The question ranking view shows how participants are fairing on every question. Audience rankings are determined by the right answer and how quickly they answer.
  • The overall ranking view is where things get competitive, see how each participant is ranking in the overall score.

The Facilitation Tools

You are in control. Design the setup and flow of your quiz before or during the workshop.

The Dashboard

This is the evil genius/master puppeteer view, where you can lay out all of your questions, create them one by one and decide the exact order and content.

  • See the questions, create, control, rearrange, or even delete questions as you move through the quiz.
  • When running large sessions, participants will follow the flow of a quiz as a group but you can choose if they can answer in their own time, or follow the flow.
  • The panels allow you to invite participants to join, export results, or select multiple questions or elements.

The Commands

Set the pace of your animation during the session, these commands keep you in the driving seat. Keep full control over the flow of the quiz and what your audience can see and engage with.

  • [P] Publish the question, when you want all your participants to see it.
  • [R] Show results with a list of answers or a graph.
  • [L] Lock the question so that no one can answer, even if it's already published.
  • [C] Clear results to erase the data.
  • [G] Display presentation mode to display the questions on a large screen.
  • [V] Display the participants view to test the quiz or explain how to use it.

Configuration is king… customise your quiz!

  • Get back, to where you once belonged

    A Beatles lyric but also a clever feature to allow your participants to go back to previous questions to modify their answers.

  • Change the look and feel

    Themes can be swapped in and out to keep things fresh and interesting. Life is too short for boring surveys.

  • Who Set the Pace?

    Choose if you want to push each question one after the other, or if your audience members can answer at their own pace (you’ll have to set up a time limit!).

  • Notify Audiences

    You can send messages to all the participants, or one in particular. A direct message.

  • Export all your precious insights

    You can instantly download the export of your session in an Excel document.

  • Add Imagery

    Keep things vibrant by adding in imagery to the questions, they can be clicked on to enlarge and help illustrate your questions.

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