The Quiz

To facilitate a quick knowledge competition, gather opinions on a topic or guide discussions.

3 Types of slides. To design all types of quizzes

Multiple Choice Questions. Test participants' knowledge

Multiple choice questions have very flexible settings. Depending on your needs you can:

  • Configure the number of answers participants can select
  • Define zero, one or several correct answers for each question

Open Questions. Get qualitative data

A blank field allows participants to answer as they wish. Open questions can be used for different purposes:

  • To get qualitative insights to your questions, either for an assessment or to find new ideas.
  • To fill in a survey, with all types of personal info, for instance.

The Transition Slide. Share information with your audience

This type of slide is made to:

  • provide some information 
  • give more detailed instructions 

You can create either title slides or slides with detailed instructions styled with bullet points, ordered lists, subtitles, etc.

Ordering Questions. Ask participants to rank elements

Several elements are listed on the participants' screens, it is up to them to rank them. Depending on your needs you can:

  • You can configure a correct answer or not
  • Show two results screens: the simple one for a quick debrief and the advanced results screen for in-depth analysis of the rankings

The Presentation Screens. Decide what you display on the big screen

The Questions. Choose the appropriate viewpoint

Because the Quiz is designed for both small meetings and large seminars, it includes two types of views to show the questions and answers at the appropriate time and in the most fitting format:

  • The Participants View acts as a preview to enable you to both check the look of your Quiz before the session and to check what your participants see while facilitating your quiz.
  • The Presentation Mode is designed to be shared to show questions and answers on a large screen.

The Results. Display the answers, live

After each question, or after the questionnaires have been filled in, you can display the results of each question, live :

  • Analyse the vote distribution of a Multiple Choice Question thanks to a bar chart. The right answers will appear in green.
  • Show the list of answers after an Open Question to see how everyone has answered. You can also focus on one answer.
  • Show two results screens of the Sortable Question: the most common answer and advanced results

The Leaderboard. Gamify the activity

When using Multiple Choice Questions with right answers, you can show, anytime, a ranking to see who answered correctly... and the fastest! You can turn your quiz into a more recreational activity:

  • The Question Ranking shows who won the most points on the current question!
  • The Overall Ranking so that participants can compete against one another.

The Facilitation Tools. Setup and control the flow of your activity

The Dashboard. Configure your questionnaire

This enables you to see all the questions, to create them one by one and to configure your quiz.

  • The List of Questions. To create, control, rearrange or even delete the questions.
  • Synchronous or asynchronous? Choose whether participants have to answer simultaneously or at their own rythm.
  • The Lateral Panels. To invite your participants, export results and archive or delete everything.

The Commands. Set the pace of your animation

Always available, the Commands enable you to choose precisely what your participants are able to do and see.

[P] Publish the Question so that all your participants can see it.
[R] Show Results with a list of answers or a bar chart.
[L] Lock the Question so that no one can answer, even if it's already published.
[C] Clear Results to erase the data.
[G] Display Presentation Mode to display the questions on a large screen.
[V] Display the Participants View to test the quiz or explain how to use it.

And much more... to customise your quiz!

  • Allow to go back

    You can choose to allow participants to go back to the previous questions to modify their answers.

  • Change the look

    Switch from one theme to another to change the appearance of your quiz!

  • Different rhythms

    Synchronous or asynchronous? Choose if your participants answer questions at the same time or at their own rhythm.

  • Notify your participants

    You can send notifications to your participants - you can either notify all of them or only a particular one.

  • Export in different formats

    You can instantly download the export of your session in an Excel or in a Word document.

  • Illustrate your questions

    Pictures can displayed on all slides in two formats and participants can also click on the image to expand it

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