And Stormz created … cards.

The cards are Stormz’ most elementary tool. Participants write their contributions on it.

Start by writing a title and a short description. Over the course of the workshop, the card will move from one cluster to another, be improved, scored and assessed by other attendees.

  • Sections

    A powerful way to add structured content to a card.

  • File attachments

    Attach images or documents to illustrate your card.

  • Comments

    A quick way to give your 2 cents.

Identify the most relevant contributions

To choose the most relevant inputs, participants can distribute as they wish a budget of points. They can then instantly see the result in the form of a diagram.

Improve your decision-making

To assess one or several options, participants can grade each and every one of them following criterias of your choosing. The results and level of consensus reached are then shown in a bubble-shaped diagram.

Facilitate with method, your method

No forced methodology, lead the participants into a custom-made workshop in several steps. You can use one or several templates – or save yours – for brainstorming, decision-making, project-management or design-thinking workshops.

Explore our templates

  • Control

    Choose in advance the authorizations and filters.

  • Daily mail

    The daily digest keeps your participants in the loop.

  • Message

    Send messages to your participants.

Export the data – all of it – in just one click

The endless nights spent transcribing illegible Post-its: no more! Export all the inputs and data gathered from the votes or assessments in the format of your choice (PDF, Word or Excel).

  • Follow activity

    See what participants are doing.

  • Real-time

    Every actions are broadcasted to participants.

  • Discover our API

    Developer? Automate everything. Use our API.

It's time to collaborate.

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