The Workshop

To share thoughts, co-create solutions and take collaborative decisions.

The Sequence. Design a perfect flow for your session

The Templates. Start a workshop in one click

No time to prepare your session? No problem, you can choose from our 50+ workshop templates to setup your session very quickly.

  • Co-design solutions thanks to our brainstorming, creative problem solving and design thinking workshops.
  • Converge towards a consensus with your teams thanks to our decision-making, strategic planning or collaborative learning workshops.

The Steps. Design a custom flow

A Workshop is divided into any number of configurable steps enabling you to design a perfect flow for your session and setup the best way to foster collaboration and manage group biases.

  • Customize every step with an illustration and your instructions,
  • Decide, for every step, what's authorized and what's displayed to control what your participants can do and see.

The contributions. Give a voice to every participant

The Card. Express an idea or opinion.

The cards are the fundamental artefact of a Stormz Workshop. Participants create cards with their own ideas and enrich those of others.

A card can start as a simple one sentence idea and evolve into a full blown detailed concept.

The Content. Detail and enrich a card.

When you open a card, you'll find different ways to interact and enrich an idea:

  • The title of the card
  • The Description to explain, in a few short sentences, an idea or a thought.
  • The Sections for participants to collaboratively turn a rough idea into a full blown concept. The facilitator can create any number of sections, give them a title (such as "Pros", "Cons", "Improvements") and decide in which step(s) they are going to appear.
  • The Comments to freely react and start-up discussions on a card.

The Actions. Interact with the card.

When you open a card, you'll find several ways to interact:

  • Add a Picture or a file to illustrate your card with a picture or to provide documents that support your idea.
  • Move your card to another cluster or even another workshop.
  • Duplicate your card.
  • Show or hide your cards to participants.
  • Merge several cards together if they convey the same idea.

You can perform these last actions from within the card or do mass actions by selecting several cards from one of the views.

The Views. Visualize the content in different ways

  • The Group view

    Each and every card is part of a group! This enables you to categorise your ideas, structure your creative process and differentiate different types of contributions.

  • The Card view

    The cards of the groups can be mixed up in an indistinguishable way. A great feature to organize a vote without taking into account the origin of each card.

  • The Canvas view

    Spatially organize the groups within a matrix (2x2, 2x3), several columns or a more complex canvas such as the Business Model Canvas.

  • The Insight Cloud

    Instantly create a Word Cloud out of the content of the cards. Click on a word and display all the related cards!

Group biases? You can avoid them.

  • Hide the contributions

    You can choose not to show the cards, votes and evaluations of other participants so that they stay focused on their own and don't get influenced by others' inputs.

  • Shuffle the cards

    During a vote or an enriching phase, randomly mixing up the cards will help participants not to focus exclusively on the first ones displayed.

  • Free the speech

    Every card's author is hidden from other participants: the boss's card becomes undistinguishable from all the others, thus neutralizing hierarchical biases.

The Vote. Select the best contributions

The Rules. Customize the voting mechanism

Depending on the way you setup the vote, you can implement very different dynamiques: from a simple Like to a more sophisticate $100 budget game.

- The Budget helps you determine how many positive or negative points your participants can spend.

- The Limit enables you to configure the maximum number of points that can be given to a card.

- Positive and/or Negative points? Using both enables to better evaluate if there is a consensus around an idea. On the contrary, using only positive points foster positive thinking. The decision is up to you!

The Bar Chart. Visualize the result in real-time

During or after a vote, the results can be displayed in a bar chart. This enables you to see the points gap between the cards and rank them accordingly.

You can also sort out the cards by score in the other views.

The Multicriteria Evaluation. Assess the strength of each concept

The Criteria. Evaluate along several factors

You can choose as many criteria as you wish to evaluate and analyse, perform a multi-criteria analysis on the ideas.

- The scale. "From 0 to 10" or "1, 3, 6, 9" or other; pick the most relevant scale.

- The weight to prioritize the importance of the criteria.

The Bubble Chart. Analyse the relative strength of the ideas

When you display the results, live, with the bubble graph, every card is represented by a bubble.

With the other views, you can sort out the cards according to the weighted sum or the average score of each criteria.

The Exports. Retrieve all the data in one click

You won't ever spend a whole night trying to decipher illegible Post-it notes ever again! Export all the data gathered during the vote and evaluation in the format of your choice (PDF, Word or Excel).

And much more...

  • Change the View filter

    Depending on your facilitation dynamics, choose to show only one type of map and a selection of groups based on the current stage.

  • Duplicate and import your steps

    Design your workshop much quicker by re-using the steps you've already created or those included in the Templates.

  • Assign different Roles

    Apart from the Participants, you can name Observers and Facilitators to support you in your animation.

  • Look at the results, card by card

    Within each card, you can see the details of the evaluations and the distribution of the votes.

  • The Activity feed

    Follow what your participants are doing and consult the history of all past actions.

  • Discover our API

    Are you a developer? Combine Stormz with other tools. Use our API.

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