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The digital tool for facilitators and trainers

Thanks to its Workshop and Quiz & Survey activities, the Stormz application helps you design and facilitate collective intelligence sessions. Either onsite or online, synchronously or asynchronously, in small or large groups.

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The “Workshop” activity: to share thoughts, co-create solutions and take decisions.

Design and facilitate sessions where participants can contribute with their own ideas, select the best ones, turn them into detailed solutions and evaluate them.

The Workshop is a powerful activity which enables you to precisely design the flow of your session and let you handle group biases.

✍️: Carefully plan the flow of your session.

📚: No time to prepare? Choose one of the 40 workshop templates and get started right away!

🛠: Share your ideas by creating "cards" from a giant touchscreen, a laptop, a tablet or even a phone. Browse through hundreds of contributions with the "Insight Cloud".

⏱: Assess and select the most promising ideas thanks to a customisable voting system.

📎: Develop ideas and turn them into detailed solutions by adding contributions to the "card' sections" and by attaching pictures of prototypes .

🔎: Evaluate solutions along several criteria and show the results live so you can make the best possible collective decisions.

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The “Quiz & Survey” activity: to easily interact with your audience and test their knowledge.

The Quiz is the ideal tool to quickly sound out your audience and find out what they know. Thanks to a stripped-down interface, every participant can answer in 2 clicks and finish the quiz or the survey in a heartbeat.

✍️: Prepare a list of multiple choice questions and nice illustrations.

⏱: Have complete control over the tempo of the survey and show the results, live.

🏆: Organize a contest and reward those who answered quickly... and well!

👍: Consult with your audience to know their opinion.

🔎: Test how well they understand the topic during a training session.

🚀: Combine the Quiz activities with one or several Workshop activities to create the best possible collaborative experience.

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Stormz is a fantastic tool! It allows us to bring together leaders and team members from all over the world in a beautiful environment of collaboration, whether everyone is in the same room or people are working from all over the world. Stormz breaks the barriers of time zones, scheduling issues, and hierarchies by providing a system for democratised ideation and creative problem solving. 

Abby Wilkymacky. Daring Design Researcher, Idea Farm Co-op

  • Stormz Cloud

    An online cloud platform to design and facilitate your collaborative sessions remotely and in complete autonomy.
    From $15 per month

  • Stormz Box

    A local Wi-Fi network for onsite Stormz sessions involving dozens or even hundreds of participants.
    Discover our Stormz Box

  • Stormz Server

    [To come] The Stormz application on your own servers so that all your teams can collaborate in a confidential and secure environment.
    Contact us for further information.

  • Train yourself and join the community

    Stormz was designed by and for facilitators! Our application has been used since 2012 by hundreds of professional facilitators trained by our team, who also supported them during their collaborative workshops. Join our community and go through our training, either onsite sessions in French language or online in English.

  • Have a first-hand account of the Stormz app

    In this case study, you will be able to discover how Stormz helped to design and facilitate an innovation workshop where 50 employees of BNP Paribas’ Montreal office came up with solutions to improve their workspace. It’s also the perfect illustration of our ability to combine Stormz with more traditional tools.

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