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Abby Wilkymacky

United States

Abby is a designer, researcher, facilitator, and teacher. Her primary focus is on designing experiences for people who want to learn to think in new ways.

Her passion for design lies in the “fuzzy front end” of the design process for services, systems, and products, but it does not stop there. She uses her strong implementation skills to maintain the inspiration generated in the first few phases of any given problem-solving process.
She is a passionate master of framing real-world problems, developing tools and methods to uncover insights from users, and turning complex problems from multiple perspectives into actionable insights.
She is an expert in maintaining the energy in the room as she facilitates conversations, events, workshop, and more. Abby holds a BS Industrial Design and a minor in Spanish from Ohio State University. She teaches Industrial Design and Qualitative Research courses at Arizona State University.

Certified This facilitator has been trained by Stormz and has facilitated at least 2 workshops.


Collaborative Learning

Creative Problem Solving

Design Thinking

Lego Serious Play®

Project Management


User Experience

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