Alexandre Stormz

United States

I have co-founded Stormz in 2012.

As Stormz lead facilitator, I designed and facilitated hundreds of meetings from 10 to 1200 participants for some of the most prestigious companies in France and in the United States.

I've been invited to speak about #digital, #facilitation, #collaboration and #creative-problem-solving at various conferences around the world.

Prior to creating Stormz, I spent close to 10 years at 3M, where I facilitated numerous creativity sessions and process optimisation (6 Sigma) workshops. I then quit the corporate world to become the COO of af83, a web technology company.

Certified This facilitator has been trained by Stormz and has facilitated at least 2 workshops.


Agile Management

Business, Strategy & Marketing

Change Management

Collaborative Learning

Collective Intelligence

Creative Problem Solving

Design Thinking

Alexandre may be available for your next workshop.

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