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Delphine Batton Orange


I am a facilitator, trainer and consultant in creativity, collective intelligence and management.

Right now, I conceive and facilitate trainings for Orange line managers, as well as change plans with whole entities of the group on their collective issues, engaging from the executive to the line manager and the collaborator.

My actions go from innovation seminars centered on a specific issue (such as new product development, concept development, optimizing processes, etc.) to innovation programs aimed at the systematic fostering of positive change throughout the organization.

Before that, I have created at Orange Labs a multidisciplinary team of creativity facilitators, that accompanied projects on the conception and launching of beta services on the market.

Sp├ęcialisations : Creative Problem Solving trainer and facilitator, team building, foursight advanced user

Master This facilitator facilitates more than 15 Stormz workshops every year and has demonstrated ability to use the application for complex workshops (large groups and/or remote teams).


Change Management

Collaborative Learning

Collective Intelligence

Creative Problem Solving

Design Thinking

Lego Serious Play®

Delphine Batton may be available for your next workshop.

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