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Hector Villarreal Lozoya Kunlaboro Latinoamérica


Kunlaboro® Latinoamérica is a Key Local Provider (KLP) of Stormz services and training in English and in Spanish. Kunlaboro as a KLP is in charge of the official Spanish version of Stormz.

Our consultants and facilitators helps teams to become more productive
by developing their collaboration skills, providing facilitation services and teamwork consulting in English and Spanish throughout Latin America.
Currently we offer services in México (Monterrey), Perú and in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic).

Certified This facilitator has been trained by Stormz and has facilitated at least 2 workshops.


Business, Strategy & Marketing

Change Management

Collaborative Learning

Lego Serious Play®


Hector Villarreal Lozoya may be available for your next workshop.

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