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MaryEllyn Vicksta Vicksta Innovative Practices LLC

United States

I totally enjoy working with people to help them realize their creative potential. I've facilitated creative problem solving sessions for over 20 years and during that time became involved with virtual collaboration.
When I was first exposed to Stormz, I was drawn to its collaborative power and its ability to generate ideas as well as to evaluate and enhance them. As soon as I could, I became trained and certified.
I enjoy using Stormz for generating ideas, to analyze and assess ideas, and to collaboratively stregthen ideas. I've also applied the use of Stormz for Strategic planning, and visioning.
I like to interweave the use of photos in a Stormz session as energizers, to create a vision of the future and as a means of conducting ethnographic research.
I have an extensive history of facilitating idea sessions in a corporate environment; started a creativity practice within my corporate environment, and became trained and certified in many creativity tools and approaches.
I work closely with any client to collaboratively plan each session and get a lot of personal satisfaction when a client walks away with quality solutions that show promise.

Certified This facilitator has been trained by Stormz and has facilitated at least 2 workshops.


Business, Strategy & Marketing

Change Management

Collaborative Learning

Creative Problem Solving

Design Thinking


User Experience

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