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Ginny Santos is the one and only Stormz Certified Key Local Partner (KLP) for Canada. She has been using Stormz since 2015 to design and facilitate in-person and virtual meetings of 8 to 800 people, using the technology to gather input, generate ideas and facilitate truly engaging and empowering collaboration. At the end of each of these dynamic Stormz-enabled sessions, the content generated by participants is transformed into a highly actionable report that is delivered within 24 hours of the event.

Ginny also uses Stormz to add interactive and collaborative elements to e-learning and to facilitate collaboration within live learning environments.

As the only Stormz Certified KLP in Canada, Ginny is also qualified to train and certify new Stormz facilitators.

With more than 15 years of experience leading creative and collaborative group sessions, and a masters in Creative Leadership and Innovation, Ginny provides expert-level support in the following key areas:

  • For meeting organizers: agenda development, activity design and facilitation of interactive meetings large and small;
  • For meeting facilitators interested in incorporating Stormz: agenda and activity design support and Stormz facilitation; and
  • For team leaders or facilitators who wish to use Stormz: training, certification, coaching and activity design for your meeting or event. Ginny’s team can design your Stormz workshop or event for English, French and Spanish-speaking audiences.

Master This facilitator facilitates more than 15 Stormz workshops every year and has demonstrated ability to use the application for complex workshops (large groups and/or remote teams).


Collaborative Learning

Collective Intelligence

Creative Problem Solving

Design Thinking

Project Management


User Experience

Neolé Facilitation Team may be available for your next workshop.

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