Søren Kielgast GEMBA Innovation


I advise, design and facilitate agile processes and create visible and measurable results. I am a Certified Stormz Facilitator and Advisor with 20+ years of experience in workshop design and facilitation and Front-end Innovation. I design and facilitates agile meetings, workshops and larger events – both on-site and online.

In most of my career, I have been involved in start-ups and in innovation and business development activities. My focus is commercial, but I also love to work with companies with higher goals than just profit.

I thrive to solve challenges and develop and implement great ideas and see them successfully implemented by a highly agile team. My digital skills are in applications stimulating and supporting creativity, innovation, agile project management, and collaboration.

Areas of expertise and experience:
- Workshop design and facilitation – both on-site and online
- Themed workshops and events focused on the 'Sustainable Development Goals'
- Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning
- Advisor on Digital Workspace Implementation
- Innovation Management and Training
- Innovation Strategy and New Product Development
- Design and implementation of NPD processes
- Front-end Innovation specialist
- Strategic processes and business development

Certified This facilitator has been trained by Stormz and has facilitated at least 2 workshops.


Agile Management

Business, Strategy & Marketing

Change Management

Collaborative Learning

Collective Intelligence

Creative Problem Solving

Digital Strategy

Graphic Facilitation

Project Management


User Experience

Søren Kielgast may be available for your next workshop.

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