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Between facilitators & developers

How it all started

Like any start-up, Stormz was created out of the realization of a fundamental lack. Alexandre Eisenchteter, Six Sigma black belt and new business developer at 3M, was highly frustrated by his inability to use collaborative methodologies within a large company: it was simply impossible to organize a decent brainstorming once it involved more than 20 participants or when participants were spread out in remote locations.

When Alexandre met François de Metz, a talented developer, they realized that the solution lies in the digital world. Together, they decided to found Stormz in 2012 to combine Alexandre’s facilitation talents with François’s coding expertise. Stormz, the facilitator’s faithful aid, was thus born. Today, our team, which equally comprises facilitators and developers, echoes our co-founders complimentary talents and Stormz’ multi-facetted added-value.

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  • Alexandre Eisenchteter

    Stormz Co-founder
    Because he designed and facilitated hundreds of collaborative workshops, Alexandre is, undoubtedly, Stormz’ “super-facilitator”!
    He now spends his time between Europe and North America to expand Stormz across borders.

  • François de Metz

    Stormz Co-founder
    Mostly self-taught, he has a passion for designing creative and useful software in Ruby, Javascript, Erlang, to name just a few. Due to his focus on delivering great value to new products, he leads the development of the Stormz software and the Stormz Box.

We are facilitators

Methodologies are a serious matter for us! Our facilitators are committed to help you solve your company’s issues by facilitating online and in-person participative sessions with Stormz.

We can integrate processes and methodologies you’re familiar with and offer new collaborative techniques, from simple ice-breakers to elaborate co-construction workshops.

We can design and facilitate a fully digital collaborative experience adapted to your needs, your venue and your challenges.

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  • Cécile Hillairet

    Director France - Facilitator
    After working ten years as a Consulting Director in the marketing research sector, Cécile joined Stormz to put all her passion in the design and facilitation of engaging collaborative frameworks.

  • Yacine N'Diaye

    Facilitator - Coach
    Yacine used to handle participatory innovation issues at Engie and for La Poste Group. She decided to join us in order to facilitate collaborative workshops and coach our clients into becoming Stormz experts.

  • Roxane Paleczny

    Facilitator - Partner hunter
    After her degree in Design Thinking , Roxane facilitate workshops for Docapost and then for Stormz. She builds long-lasting relationships with our partners to guarantee an efficient & enjoyable collaboration.

We develop our tools!

Stormz is fully developped by our team, from the web-app to the StormzBox. We perfectly know our tool and develop it according to your needs and what can be useful for all facilitators. We can ensure a full support for your events and answer all your technical questions.

Should you need to connect several rooms simultaneously or organize a workshop in a train, we will be happy to help you build a custom-made WiFi network adapted to your needs.

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  • Idris Serradj

    Full Stack developer

  • Paul Guillemot

    Full Stack developer

We are ambitious

Up and running for 5 years now, Stormz is expanding rapidly, delivering its solutions to clients such as Orange Lab, Chaïkana or the highschool La Cité d'Ottawa. Apart from our strong presence in North America, we also have key local partners all around the globe - India, Russia or South America, to name a few. Needless to say, Stormz is spreading on every continent.

We are a well-established and mature organization, able to help you tackle your challenges and fulfill your ambitions through long-term partnerships. Countless clients have put their trust in us to design and implement successful collaborative experiences.

  • Isabelle Ferreira Eisenchteter

    North America Biz Dev - Customer Success

    Sales manager at 3M and also a certified Six Sigma black belt, Isabelle joined the Stormz team to develop Stormz in North America and help our partners deliver awesome Stormz workshops.

  • Maxime Vilain

    Communication - Content booster
    Formerly in charge of promoting innovation practices for the Renault Creative Lab and CCI Aquitaine Innovation, Maxime joined our team to spread collaborative ways of working and incite people to try Stormz.

  • Cristina Fiorin

    Office manager
    Thanks to its versatility and ease with the stakes of digital companies, Cristina covers a wide range of activities for Stormz, from accounting management to sales administration.

Meet our network of facilitators

Our global network of incredibly talented facilitators can help you design and facilitate your next work meeting, collaborative event or workshop. With the Stormz Directory, you will be able to get to know the facilitators who are using Stormz, in France and elsewhere, and learn about their background and specific expertise.

If you would like to undertake a training, you can follow our online course.
If you have been trained and would like to be included in the list, contact us.

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