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A whole day to work in a collaborative way!


A day to discover, take over and start working together on the new orientations of the Personnel Management Board.

Not less than 6 collaborative workshops proposed activities to take over, to classify and to interrogate the PMB’s strategy as well as to produce a road map.

An example of a collaborative day with various workshops’ dynamics for a time as active and collective as possible!

Because we are starting a new stage in our strategy, we wanted that each PMB’s member took ownership of this strategy by feeling it owner, actor and manager. This day was therefore designed to make participants choosing and building collectively, on the basis of the defined guidelines… With more than 90 participants! Stormz proposed some tools and a facilitation to share ideas in a dynamic collaboration and gave the floor without the well-known onerousness of the restitution phases. All the participants voted in favour of this activity and highlighted that it develops the sense of belonging to a team.

Valérie Mazin

  • 90 participants

  • 3h30

  • ipad

    30 iPads

  • Methodology

    6 workshops mainly focused on 3 topics:

    • The new guidelines of the strategy
    • The new position of the department Personnel
    • The collective development following the global survey on people commitment

    Workshop 1: Discovery – Input of the guidelines in the PMB’s strategy

    Methodology: multi-criteria evaluation – the participants assess the impact of each guideline on the PMB strategy’s lever (grade from 0 to 10 / get results in real time).

    Objective: the participants need to think about the impact of each new guideline. They take ownership of those guidelines and we see the impact of each guideline according to the group (average map) and to each user (user map).

    Workshop 2: Discovery – link between guidelines and their details (focus and effects to produce)

    Methodology: manual workshop “jigsaw” with paperboards, Post-It, adhesive and pen. Each table needs to recreate the right guidelines’image with the matching focus / effects.

    Objective: The participants discover the detail of the guidelines as well as the link between each element of the strategy (positioning, focus and expected effects).

    Workshop 3: questioning and prioritization

    Methodology: open questioning and selective vote – The participants think about the success factors and choose the topic to study and to implement as a priority.

    Objective: involve the participants as much as possible in the strategy and think first about what can be successful.

    Workshop 4: Selection – Pursue the commitment survey together.

    Methodology: Vote and select collectively the fields to be developed. The selection will be determined by the results of the study.

    Objective: Prioritize the actions that will be carried on after the survey.

    Workshop 5: Build of a road map based on the strategy (90 min)

    Methodology: Workshop « road map » - Around a table, 6 persons think about a road map / an action plan focused on a topic during 1:30 hour. They identify first the major stages to carry out (short- and long-term). Then, they imagine the actions to set up, the required skills and the Key Success Factors for each stage.

    Objective: The participants produce concrete ideas and are involved in the strategy. The results will be used by future working groups.

    Workshop 6: Appropriation of the position – the change for us

    Methodology: open questioning for each identified changing point

    Objective: The participants discover a new approach by thinking about the provided changes.

  • Benefits for the participants:

    • They discover and integrate the strategy actively
    • They produce a road map
    • They work crosswise and collaboratively like the new way to work together.

    Benefits for the organisers:

    • They present a new strategy involving the co-workers
    • They gather feedbacks and questionings
    • They bring new transversal work methods to the teams
    • A road map is started and some specific elements are shared to implement the strategy


    A set up of word, pdf and excel documents with the expected impact for each guideline, the questions, the success factors and the next major stages regarding the PMB’s strategy as well as the Key Success Factors for the new position.

Stormz setup

  • Facilitators : Alexandre Eisenchteter, Tristan Thevenard – Stormz
  • Stormzbox (secured local network and its dedicated server) + iPads
  • Room “Cabaret” (Stadium Marcel Michelin - Clermont-Ferrand)
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