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Creative Problem Solving

Discover the Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) methodologies are especially useful to find original solutions to wicked problems and challenges. It's a well-defined process that helps you break down problems to understand them and implement creative solutions.

The Creative Problem Solving process was first formalized by Sidney Parnes and Alex Osborn who also invented the brainstorming technique. The tools used during the CPS process make it engaging, fun and collaborative. CPS usually incorporates a team approach in a positive experience that helps speed the adoption of new ideas.

Ruth Noller, CPS educator and practitioner, described CPS with a symbolic equation: C=fa(K,I,E)

Creativity is the Function of combining Knowledge, Imagination and Evaluation. To fulfill this equation, you must have a courageous, curious and determined attitude that will help you persevere through the challenges involved in being creative and willing to do something innovative. The more people's knowledge, Imagination and Evaluation skills that can be brought into the equation, the higher the chance of creative success. The CPS Stormz templates allow you to do just that!

There are many models of the Creative Problem Solving process. Though, as recommended by the Creative Education Foundation, Stormz has chosen to focus on an evolution of the Osborn-Parnes CPS called the CPS Learner's Model.
The basic structure has four stages with a total of six explicit process steps.

1- Explore the vision
2- Gather data
3- Formulate the challenges

4- Explore Ideas

5- Formulate Solutions

6- Formulate a Plan

It's really important to define a common problem before exploring ideas because it's easier to compare solutions that have the same context. Ideas that don't answer to a clear and well-identified problem are often tough to implement. When. workshops start with already defined problems, the Clarify stage can be lightened.

Facilitate Creative Problem Solving with Stormz

At Stormz, we really want you and your team to be able to use these methodologies. That's why we created all the following workshops and described them step-by-step. They are powered by Stormz, an application that helps you design and facilitate your own collaborative meetings, in-person or online, for small and huge groups.

From their own devices, participants builds on each other's ideas and contributions in order to solve real business and societal issues and challenges. Stormz harnesses the creativity of a group with all the collaborative tools needed to generate ideas, prioritize, decide, share results and take action.

  • Brainstorm new ideas

  • Use famous methods

  • Select the best ideas

  • Show results directly

  • Export data

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