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Brainsto'KISS - Quickly find new ideas

Brainsto'KISS is the simplest ideation activity that you can find in Stormz. It enables a team to generate, comment and select new ideas that can solve our challenge.

If you need a more sophisticated ideation technique, have a look at our collection of Brainstorming templates.

This workshop is part of our KISS (Keep it simple & stupid!) collection: simple and straightforward sessions that you can run in no time.
These templates are also well adapted for running asynchronous online sessions.

1. Generate, develop and select ideas

Write down all your ideas!


  1. Contribute your own ideas
  2. Read other's ideas
  3. Vote and comment on them.
  4. Start again: contribute your own ideas...

Want more detailed instructions?

How to vote?

Click on an idea and give it points.
The more the potential of an idea, the more points (max 5) you should give it.

Some guidelines:

For creating ideas:
* Go for quantity: write down as many ideas as possible (one card per idea)
* Combine and Build: Use one idea as a springboard for another. Build, combine, and improve ideas
* Encourage wild ideas: do not stick to top of the head ideas

For commenting and selecting ideas:
* Consider Novelty: do not dismiss novel or original ideas. With your comments, consider ways to tailor, rework, or tame the idea
* Look for potential: not all ideas are workable solutions. Even promising ideas must be honed and strengthened. Think that we will take the time to improve the ideas

Brainsto'KISS is a quick and simple ideation activity that will enable us to generate, comment and select new ideas that can solve our challenge.

Note to the facilitator:

Before starting, take the time to formulate the challenge with one of the following invitational language stems:

  • “How to ...” (H2),
  • “How might I ...” (HMI),
  • “In what ways might we ...” (IWWMW).

Then copy this challenge in the title of the workshop.

2. Step back and reflect!

The brainstorming is closed, now what?

TLDR: Take a close look at the outcome... Which ideas are we going to select?

Want more detailed instructions?

Take the time to discuss around the following questions:

  • Does the final ranking make sense?
  • Is there any idea with few points that you would like to save?
  • Do we still have some wild ideas in our selection (good) or only safe ideas (bad)?
  • How can we improve the final ideas?
  • What are the next steps?

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