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Brainwriting 6-3-5 - Write down your ideas

The brainwritting 6-3-5 is a creative collaborative workshop that encourages everyone to participate and that generate a large number of ideas in short period of time. By sharing ideas without speaking, it enable each participant to make better ideas on all parts of the subject.

1. Write down 3 ideas

We have created 6 idea buckets. Each one of us should be assigned one specific idea bucket so that we have an even number of participant per bucket.

Once done, find the idea bucket that has been assigned to you and capture 3 ideas that can solve our problem.

You have 5 minutes.

Notes: no discussions during this step!

2. Write 3 more ideas

Focus on the next idea bucket:

  • Carefully read the ideas generated by the others during the first step
  • Add 3 more ideas in 5 minutes.


  • Each one of you should be assigned to another idea bucket, different from the one you worked on during the previous step
  • Use the first 3 ideas as an inspiration!
  • No discussions during that step either!

3. Repeat...

Again, focus on the next bucket and write down 3 more ideas in 5 minutes.

... We will repeat this step as long as each participant in the group has contributed to the 6 idea buckets.

4. Pre-select ideas

To get a rough estimate of the ideas that might be worth looking into more carefully, you can add from 1 to 3 points to the ideas you prefer.

* Avoid throwing away the wildest ideas. Take into account that, at this stage, you have only seeds of good ideas. Ideas will be improved and polished after this session.
* You cannot vote on your own ideas

5. Discuss results

Discover and discuss the results:

  • Does the ranking of the solutions make sense?
  • What are the pros & cons of each selected idea?
  • Can we improve them?
  • What are the next steps?

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