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Business Model Canvas - Design your business

The Business Model Canvas, created by Alexander Osterwalder, is a simple tool to visualize how pieces of a business fit together.\nIt can be used to take a step back on your business or to prototype a new one. It's a visual template with elements describing a value proposition.

1. Fill your Business Model Canvas

Fill the Business Model Canvas the way you want.
You can follow the recommended order, your inspiration or an order tailored to your business problem.

Note for the facilitator :

Filling a Business Model Canvas can be done in many ways, from random to step-by-step. There are three possibilities to fill the Business Model Canvas :

  • ** You can hide or reveal the clusters** during the workshop with the view settings.
  • ** In one step,** where your attendees can follow the recommended order, their inspiration or an order tailored to your business problem.
  • ** In three steps,** where your attendees must focus on parts of the canvas.

2. (1/3) Start with your value proposition

In this workshop, we'll start by your value proposition.
In practice, what does your product or your firm bring to your customer ? Which needs are you addressing?

3. (2/3) Focus on your customer

Now, it's time to focus on your customers and how you can satisfy their needs and desires. It's the front-office of your business.

4. (3/3) Focus on your activities

Now, it's time to focus on your activity and reflect on how you can succeed and make your business viable. It's the back-office of your business.

5. Vote for the best proposition

The cards receiving the best scores will have the best visibility in the canvas.
On each cluster, vote for the most significant contribution.

  • (- 5) means that the suggestion is irrelevant
  • (+ 5) means that everybody should read this proposition

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