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Collaborative Cheating - Improve your answer by looking at other's

What if cheating was a good thing?

This is a gamified collaborative learning activity where each student/trainee has a unique opportunity to improve his/her answer by cheating and having a look at other's answers...

But the "cheating time" is limited and when it is over, then students/trainees will have to improve their answers on their own.

As a teacher or trainer, you will have the possibility to compare the original and the final improved answer of each student.

1. Formulate your answer

<Write down the question here>?

You have 10 minutes to formulate your best answer to the question.

2. Cheat by reading other's answers

You have a unique opportunity to cheat by reading other's answers
But... Be quick, you have only 2 minutes!

3. Improve your own answer

Now, you can formulate your own improved answer.
Just click on your initial card and fill-in the section.

4. Discover all answers

Let's have a look at all the answers. You can like and dislike them.

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