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Collaborative Quiz: From testing to learning

This Collaborative Learning activity is an alternative to traditional quizzes and tests. In this activity, students or trainees get the opportunity to collaborate together in order to find the best answers and give feedback to others on how their answer could be improved.

1. Multiple Choice Questions

Give one vote to the correct answer under each question

2. Discover the most popular answers and Discuss

The answers will be displayed in order of popularity.

Do you think the answers with the most votes are the correct answers to each question?
Discuss until you all agree on which is the right answer.

3. Short Answer Questions

Add a card with your answer under each question.
At this stage, you will only see your own answers.

4. Evaluate and give feedback

Look at other's answers and evaluate them according to how complete you think they are.
0 = Completely wrong
5 = Okay but not complete
10 =Accurate and complete

Then give feedback on how the answer could be improved.

5. Review and improve your answers

Have a look at what cards got rated as the most Accurate and Complete. Do you agree?
Have a look at your own answers. Did you learn something new from looking at other's answers? What feedback did you get?

Now edit your cards and improve your final answers!

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