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Crawford Slip Method - A simple brainwriting

Created in the USA in the 1920's, the Crawford's Slip Writing Method is actually one of the original forms of brainwriting.
It's a creative collaborative workshop that encourages everyone to participate and that generate a large number of ideas in short period of time.
By sharing ideas without speaking, it enable each participant to make better ideas on all parts of the subject.

1. Write down ideas

Each cluster is a challenge, just answer by adding cards in it.
Participants will look for innovative ideas and creative solution by adressing challenges that usually start with phrases such as "In what ways might we..." or "How to...".

The facilitator can display images or words to act as triggers.

  • Please write down only one idea per card.
  • Be as specific as possible
  • Describe your idea in less than 15 words

2. Merge and regroup ideas

Once you've generated a large number of ideas, you can sort them in different ways : you may either use pre-determinated clusters or create new ones.

Look at all the ideas:

  • merge ideas that are identical
  • regroup similar ideas into new clusters

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