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Customer Empathy Map - Put yourself in their shoes

The Customer Empathy Map is a tool used to increase your Understanding of your customer. By putting yourself in his own shoes, you will be able to truly understand the client's buying behaviour. Ultimately, it is often used to improve the customer experience.

In this collaborative session, we will:

  1. Identify your customer behavior
  2. Find the pains and gains of your customer
  3. Discuss about it with an insight cloud
  4. Think about solutions for your customer
  5. Select the best solution and discuss it

1. What is empathy ?

This optional step is meant to remind participants that empathy is a key skill for this workshop and make sure they keep an open mind during this exercise.
You can show this "illusion" image where participants can, depending on their point of view, see different images. It also means that your product is shaped by your vision and the perception of your customer.
Keep it in mind when it's time to understand what the customers see.

What do you see on this picture ? Discuss !

2. What does your customer perceive ?

Complete the canvas with elements in the four categories:

What does the customer see?
What is his environment? Who are his friends? Which offers is he exposed to? Which problem does he have ?

What does the customer hear ?
What do his friends or colleagues say ? What really influences him ? Which media does he trust ?

What does the customer think and feel?
What are his major concerns ? What can move or disturb him?

What does the customer say and do?
What is his behaviour in public? What does he say to other people?
Pay attention to the differences between what the customer says and what he really feels.

3. What does your customer fear and hope?

Complete the two last clusters:

Pains: what does your customer fear?
What are his biggest frustrations? What are the obstacles between the client and what he wishes or tries to reach? What risks is he ready to take?

Gains: what does your client hope?
What does he really want? What are his essential needs? What is his idea of success?

4. Let's see how you analysed your customer !

The facilitator generates an Insight Cloud from one, several or all categories and can see which words were used to describe the customer's perception

5. Improve his experience

Come up with solutions which would help your customer to reach his objectives.

6. Vote for the best ideas

Which idea(s) do you think is/are best for your customer ?

You have Xpoints per group

7. Let's see what you voted for !

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