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History of the Future

Inspired from the movie Back to the Future, The History of the Future workshop enables you to get a clear understanding of your organization's prospects while helping you figure out the way to get there. This visioning workshop relies on a strong and detailed narrative.

In this collaborative session, we will:
1. Discover our most brilliant achievements in the future
2. Examine key levers and obstacles to get there
3. Choose the measures to take right now

1. 2020 - Our achievements

We travel through time and space to contemplate the future.

This is the year 2020. Your strategy was a complete success.

How do you know? The newspapers published several articles highlighting your company's achievements.
You read them carefully, impressed by this incredible success.

*But ... what exactly did you achieve ? Where is the proof ? *

In groups of 3, look at this bright future and take time for discussion!
Identify two or three major achievements that may explain this incredible success. Submit them on your tablet.

2. 2020 - The most brilliant achievements

Have a debate on the measures you should implement once you come back.
Even if most of these ideas seem particularly commendable, which ones do you think should absolutely be shared with those who stayed in present time?

  • You have a budget of 100 points and a ceiling of 30 points per card.
  • 10 minutes should be enough to choose!
  • Give out points to the most remarkable achievements!
  • You can also leave some comments to explain your choice

3. Let's discover the most brilliant achievements

Everyone voted. You can now discover the top achievements. Click on "I understood" to hide the instructions.

4. 2016 to 2020 - Key levers and obstacles

But how did we get here?

This success didn't fall into our laps. The path was fraught with hazards... In groups of 3, you will now have to identify and share with the rest of the participants:

• The obstacles you encountered on the way and which might have resulted in a failure
• The key levers you used on your way to success

Choose a few facts explaining your success and describe the levers and obstacles in one or two sentences.

5. 2016 - Measures to take right now!

Let's come back to the present time!

Back to the present. Let's get started!

If you had to choose two measures to take the very next day to initiate change, which ones would you choose?

Take time to discuss it with your group. On the iPad, formulate two actions and be sure to mention all relevant details (goals, resources, tools, implementation, KPI, etc.).

6. 2016- The most interesting measures

Let's find out the suggestions!

You can assess them according to 2 criteria:

  • expected impact (0 = low impact to 10 = strong impact)
  • required efforts (0 = low efforts to 10 = strong efforts)

You can also leave some comments in the dedicated area.

7. Let's discover the most interesting measures.

Everyone evaluated. You can now discover the most interesting measures. Click on "I understood" to hide the instructions.

8. What's next ?

After discussing results, let's suggests actions that should be taken to implement each measure.

  • Click on the most interesting measure and fill the sections.
  • Choose who should lead these measures, how and when they should be done.

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