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Stakeholders - Identify Assistors & Resistors

The Assistors & Resistors technique will enable us to identify the people and/or organisations that could either help (Assistors) or prevent (Resistors) the implementation of our solution.

In this collaborative session, we will:

  1. Brainstorm on a list of stakeholders
  2. Identify if they are Assistors or Resistors and, more important, understand why
  3. Select a few Assistors and Resistors we should focus on
  4. Reflect on the outcome and decide on the next steps.

1. List all stakeholders

Let's list all the people or organisations that we think might have an influence on the outcome of our project.

  • Add one card per people and/or organisation
  • You can attach a picture of the person if it helps or copy paste a link to further information.

2. Identify Assistors and Resistors

In this step, we need to decide if each person or organisation is an Assistor or a Resistor.

  • Assistors. People or organisations that might contribute to the successful implementation of the project.
  • Resistors. People or organisations that might prevent the successful implementation of the project.

If you feel that they can be both, you can re-create the same card and put one in each category.

Then, for each one of them, try to find out why do we think he/she/it belongs to that category. To capture the answer, click on the relevant card and formulate your answer by starting with "Because...".

Option for advanced facilitators:

  • You can use the 5 Whys technique to deepen the analysis and uncover the root causes of the motivations for assisting or resisting
  • You can turn each potential cause into a "How to..." question

3. Select most important Assistors or Resistors

We need to select the most influential Assistors and Resistors. The ones we should focus on.

Individually, each one of us should:

  • Give him/her 1 point if you think his/her influence is important to the success of the project
  • Give him/her 2 points if you think his/her influence is critical to the success of the project

Don't give any points if you think that we should not waste our time on him/her.

4. What's next?

Discuss the final output:

  • Who/what are the most precious Assistors? What can we do to leverage their help?
  • Who/what are the most dangerous Resistors? What should we do to mitigate their impact?

What are the next steps?

Based on this reflection, you should now build your action plan (or enrich an existing one) using the Stormz Action Plan template.

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