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KnoWonder - List What We Know & What We Wonder

KnoWonder is a simple yet powerful tool that will enables us to quickly capture what we know about our topic what we are still wondering about it.

Then, we will know what we don't know and be able to plan data collection accordingly.

This activity usually takes place during:

  • The What's Going On phase of a Productive Thinking project
  • The Gather data phase of a Creative Problem Solving project
  • The Empathy phase of a Design Thinking project
  • The Measure phase of a Six Sigma project
  • As an Opening activity of an Interactive Event or meeting

KnoWonder has been invented and designed by Tim Hurson and is one of the Productive Thinking tools presented in his book Think Better.

1. List what we know and what we wonder

Let's list:

  • all the facts that we know about our topic,
  • anything that we might wonder about this topic.

In this step, you won't see others' ideas. This is an individual activity.

2. Identify key critical data

Not all the data has the same importance...

Let's select the data that is really critical to our challenge!

Review both the knows and the wonders and give 1 to 3 points to:

  • known facts that are really important to consider,
  • questions that we really need to find answers to before going further.

You can also comment on your choice.

3. Discuss and clarify

Let's discover others' Knows & Wonders.

Do we agree on the list?
Is there any Wonders that can be answered right now?
If yes, transform them into Knows by editing them and moving them to the Know column.

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