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Persona - Give a life to your ideal customer

When creating or improving a product or service, many businesses use personas to target their ideal customer.
A persona is an easy way to give life and emotions to a collection of raw data and insights.
It's possible to imagine many personas, but it’s recommended to focus on an ideal customer persona.

In this collaborative session, we will:

  1. Gather data & insights
  2. Create personas and choose which one is the most important
  3. Search ideas to convert these personas into customers.

1. Gather data & insights

Gather all the information you have about your customers.
It can be from a qualitative/quantitative survey, from members of your team who are in contact with your clients, from the social network or from in-depth-surveys about your environment.
Put one insight by card.

2. Create personnas

With your group, imagine a persona whose needs and expectations will lead to future recommandations :

  • In the card title, input his/her name and three keywords about his/her profile
  • In the description, you can provide his/her verbatim and detail his/her gender, age and occupation etc.
  • In the section, describe his/her profile, needs and expectations
  • Rank his/her personality according to the features provided

Add as many details as you want about your persona!

To finish, you can add a picture of this persona by clicking on "Add a file" and importing a picture from internet or from the pictures provided.

3. Vote for the most important persona

Discover the personas created by all the teams!

To vote for your favorite persona, click on its card and click on + in the top right corner!

4. Results

Here is the ranking of personas according to your votes!
You can choose one or more personas to focus on in the next step.

5. Go deeper with your most important persona

Now that you've defined your most important persona, you can go deeper and propose new actions and insights by using the comments.
Focus on suggestions that will allow you to convert these personas into customers.

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