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Problem solving - Look at the root causes of your problem

Problem solving is a collaborative workshop that looks at the root causes of a problem in order to identify potential solutions.
It let you identify the causes of your problem and treat them methodically.

1. Identify potential causes of the problem

According to you, what are all the potential causes of the problem we are trying to solve?

Please write-down one potential cause per card in the "Causes" cluster.

2. Regroup similar causes

Regroup similar causes by moving them into several clusters.

3. Select the most important causes

Select the most important causes by scoring them from -1 to 3 points.

4. Discuss results

Discover and discuss the results.

What are the main causes? Overall? Per category?
Also, take a look at causes with a low or negative score. Are we sure we do not leave something important behind?

5. Analyse root causes

Go deeper!

For each critical cause selected in the previous step, can you find one or several root causes to this cause?
If so, click on a Cause card and write-down its root causes inside the Root cause section.

6. Imagine solutions

Have a look at the main critical causes of the problem: can you imagine solutions?

Take a few seconds to craft potential solutions and write-them down in the "Solutions" cluster.

Note: if the problem is hard to solve, you can also use one of the brainstorming templates to organise another workshop, focused on solutions.

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