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Stop / Keep / Start - Make choices for the future

A retrospective is a technique for assessing a project, an agile sprint or any other kind of event. The "Stop - Keep - Start" retrospective is based on 3 questions:

What should we stop doing?
What should we start doing?
What should we keep doing?

1. Stop / Keep / Start

Can you tell what:

  • We should stop doing?
  • We should keep doing?
  • We should start doing?

2. Vote

Imagine you have $100 budget (or 100 bitcoins) to invest on the most important items that were formulated in the previous step. How would you invest this budget?

Note that you can spend the total $100 on one item or split your budget among several items.

3. Discussion

Have a look at the top results and discuss: which cards should we focus on?
Put aside all the other ones.

4. Next steps

Have a look at the most important cards: What should we do next?
Individually, click on a card and write-down suggestions of actions.

Once this is done, discuss it all together and choose the action items that should be implemented in the next few days.

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