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Score Voting - Weigh your support

A simple vote session. Add your own options and ask people to give each option a score. The scores are added and the option with the highest total is chosen.

It has been described by various other names including the point system, ratings summation, 0-99 voting, average voting, and utility voting. It is a type of cardinal voting system.

1. Vote

For each card:
- Give from +1 to +10 points if you agree
- Give from -1 to -10 points if you disagree

Try to allocate a score for each card.

Note for the facilitator:
You must define as many options as needed before the vote. It can be done with an ideation step.
You can change the Vote settings to make have a different scoring scale.

2. Discuss results

Here are the results.
The options are sorted by the total number of votes.

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