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Brainstorm like a Superhero

The technique is just about as simple as it sounds. Instead of a traditional brainstorming session where each one of us will throw out ideas that may or may not work, we will assume the identity of a superhero and attempt to come up with solutions to the problem that these superheroes might suggest.

By role playing, this technique will allow us to step outside of our usual way of thinking, get in touch with our creativity and come up with solutions we might never have considered before.

1. Find solutions as a superhero

Pick one of the superheroes and take control of his identity! If you were this superhero, how would you solve the problem?

Create one card for each solution in the Super Solutions column.

If you have no more ideas, you can pick another superhero.

2. Turn them into Real World Solutions

How can you evolve the "super ideas" into pragmatic and feasible solutions?

Write-down each solution on a different card.

3. Vote on Real World Solutions

Identify the real world solutions you would like to implement

Now that we have generated many solutions, give points to the solutions:

  • From -3 to -1 (negative) points if you disagree with the proposed solution
  • From +1 to +3 (positive) points if you would like the idea to be implemented.

4. Discuss results

Discover and discuss the results:

  • Does the ranking of the solutions make sense?
  • What are the pros & cons of each selected idea?
  • Can we improve them?
  • What are the next steps?

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