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Value Board - Define who you are

The Value Board will allow you to define yourself in relation to images already present in the workshop rather than to look for them in your environment as for a MoodBoard.
Each image will come to question your perceptions and your relation to your environment, allowing you to finally reflect on your motivations.

This workshop will make you work on your common values and your models of inspirations to engage you in everyday virtuous practices.

We want to thank Mary Ellyn Vicksta for helping us in gathering inspirational images.

1. Discover all value items

From the first two pictures visible in the Inspiring pictures column, imagine values that inspire you.

After a time of exchanges and free inspiration, add cards with inspiring habits, people, and values in the column Our inspirations.

- "Helping others"
- "Mother Theresa"
- "Charity"

** You have a free hand!**

  • Go for quantity
  • Defer judgments

*Note: you can do 1, 2, or 3 different rounds, reload the page to get new cards *

2. Select most relevant inspiration items

Select your preferred value by giving them out positive points:

  • [+3] Definitely and totally relevant
  • [+1] Partially relevant

... and reject your least preferred value by giving them negative points:

  • [-1] Not really relevant
  • [-3] Absolutely not relevant

You have a budget of 10 positive points and 10 negative points

3. Define the values of your organization

Values visible at the top of the column "Inspiring Values" are the most representative!

Carefully look at them and define the values of your organization. You can give examples of habits and behaviors that everyone can have in your work or in particular events.

  • In the column "Our definition" of the canvas, create a card and write a definition of the values of your organization in a few lines.

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