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Visual brainstorming - Find inspiration by analogy

One of the main rules of brainstorming is to build on each other's contributions to create original ideas.
Rather than starting from scratch, it may be interesting to introduce external triggers, like images, to get people thinking in new ways and make new connections.
Forced connections are particularly useful when your group is blocked while trying to generate new ideas or to solve problems.

In this workshop, your participants will have to find concrete solutions by having two images of inspiration as a creative constraint.

We want to thank Mary Ellyn Vicksta for helping us in gathering inspirational images.

1. Find wild ideas

From the two first pictures visible in the Inspiring pictures column, imagine wild ideas in relation to the given problem.

After a time of exchanges and free inspiration, add cards with original ideas described in less than ten words to answer your problematic.

** You have a free hand!**
* Go for quantity
* Defer judgments
* Encourage wild ideas
* Build on each others' ideas

*Note: you can do 1, 2, or 3 different round, reload the page to get new cards *

2. Build solutions

From the first two ideas visible in the Original ideas column, build a concrete solution to your problem. It must keep the wildness of the original ideas.

Take the time to formulate your solutions and make sure that it answer to these following questions: What? Who? When? How? How many? Why ?

Do not hesitate to describe your solution in several lines.

*Note: you can do 1, 2, or 3 different round, reload the page to get new cards *

3. Enlightenment with a SWOT

For this new step, ** look at the first 2 cards of the Solution category ** with a SWOT analysis.

To do this, click on the different solutions and complete the following sections:
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
- Opportunities
- Threat

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