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"Shaping tomorrow's Grand Paris Sud!"

Promote a common narrative for the region

The challenge was simple: make all the elected members of the Grand Paris Sud conurbation work together without having to gather them in one place. To what end? Build a common narrative respectful of each municipality's specificities and which allows them to fully seize and get to grips with the future of their territory. A 3-hour workshop with phases of divergence and convergence to identify new challenges for the agglomeration and come up with innovative ideas.

This is one of our best experiences (have you ever heard of our collaborative workshop on a train?) as it truly embodies technology's ability to bring people together and foster collaborative work despite political differences and physical distances.

  • 1 : Situation review

    Participants started by getting acquainted with the challenges the intermunicipal counsellors had already listed and sorted in various areas of competence.

  • 2 : Brainstorming

    Participants identified themselves challenges lying ahead and, using inspiring cards, imagine innovative and disruptive ideas to address theseissues.

  • 3 : Priority setting

    The purpose of this last step was to prioritize all the inputs based on their relevance.

What impressed me the most was the ability to manage several workshops simultaneously in different locations - as well as the fact that all the specifics and practicalities were discussed and agreed upon with all the referents in a single 90-minute meeting. Moreover, after having a closer look at the data, we were able to identify a dozen common themes that stood out as major issues in every municipality. The following month, we picked it up from here and organized workshops with all the main actors of the project to find concrete solutions.

I would say that organizing workshops with Stormz has two main benefits: first, it works as the backbone for highly collaborative and engaging sessions; second, the data-collecting process is extremely efficient and all the results are immediately available in multiple formats.

Franck Plasse
Advisor to Michel Bisson - Deputy Chairman

Stormz setup

  • Elected officials scattered around 23 city halls with 23 simultaneous workshops accessible to every participant on the Stormz platform
  • A Wifi network in every city hall and 1 iPad for 3 people (200 tablets)
  • Paper templates for the “projection for disruptive ideas” step


  • Actively involving over 600 people without gathering them in an unique venue.
  • Collecting over 1000 innovative ideas, selecting over 300 of them to bring new perspectives on the Greater Paris Southern Area project.
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