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The Stormz Agency

We design and facilitate collective intelligence

Do you have a challenge to tackle? Would you like to involve your employees in the process? We can help you! We have all the necessary resources, expertise and tools to help you design and facilitate collective intelligence sessions that will enable your teams to voice their opinion and co-construct creative solutions addressing your company or organisation’s strategic challenges.

Tell us about your challenges!
  • 1. The Design

    A few meetings with our facilitators is all you’ll need to design a collective intelligence session adapted to your specific needs and challenges.

  • 2. The Facilitation

    Our facilitators will lead the collaborative session and provide on-site support to ensure an optimal collaborative experience.

  • 3. The Logistics

    Site scouting, iPads renting and Wifi network installation... Everything you need to turn any venue into a collective intelligence-friendly space.

Fostering collective intelligence is an art

Thanks to an intimate understanding of group and individual dynamics, Stormz fosters both small and large groups collaboration, sometimes involving up to several hundreds of people.

Most of our collective intelligence processes are based on our own methodology, the Flower Process, created by Alexandre Eisenchteter in line with Osborn Parnes’ Creative Problem Solving. Design Thinking, Agile Principles, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space or World Café: every single one of these initiatives are an inspiration for us and helps us offer you new and innovative collaboration techniques.

In order to bring our groups to the next level of collaboration, we became experts in the art of combining high-tech tools, like our digital application Stormz, with more traditional, low-tech instruments, such as prototyping, inspiration cards or Lego.

  • Alexandre Eisenchteter, Stormz co-founder,

    Alexandre designed and facilitated hundreds of collaborative workshops on every continent. He’s recognized as one of the leading experts in conceiving collective intelligence sessions, both for very large groups and/or remote teams.

    He frequently speaks in conferences and seminars all over Europe and North America and gives classes on “Facilitation in the Digital Age”.

    Methodologies: Flower Process, Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Agile (Scrum) and 6 Sigma (Black Belt).

  • Roxane Paleczny, senior consultant-facilitator

    Roxane is involved in the design, support & facilitation phases of collective intelligence sessions, involving a dozen or several hundreds of people.

    Her workshops cover a wide array of issues, from change management to digital transformation and process optimisation, always keeping in mind the goal of leading a group towards out-of-the-box thinking, excellence and creativity.

    Methodologies: Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Serious Game, etc.

  • A community of certified facilitators

    The Stormz Agency brings together a global community of facilitators using Stormz in their workshops, with their own methodologies and our constant assistance.

    We have a solution to every problem! From travelling to the far corners of the Earth to putting together a crack multidisciplinary team.

    Graphic facilitators, Lego Serious Play, Appreciative Inquiry… Learn more about their profile in our Facilitators Directory!

Hats off to the Stormz team for its digital prowess – two sessions involving 1.200 people in assembly and workshop – and a faultless implementation. Digital technology used to enhance the appropriation of the strategy and collaboration, to guide the managers and foster cross-disciplinary thinking. Stormz also supported us on the content, helping us structure and add meaning to the workshop: a custom- made session skilfully facilitated by Alexandre.

Manuel Solé, Sagarmatha Paris Director

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