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How to Turbo-Charge Collaboration with Stormz

We’ll show you how to use Stormz and how to unlock genuine collaboration

At Stormz, we’re passionate about giving every idea an equal chance. We’re made up from a team of facilitators and Stormz was built with facilitating brilliant workshops in mind. When our founder Alexandre first started Stormz, he set out to develop a digital app that was custom made for facilitators.
For us, collaboration is king. It’s the root of happiness in the workplace, it’s the root of genuine and powerful ideation and it’s the root of solution based thinking. In the spirit of being collaborative, at Stormz we want to share all our smart and clever features with every facilitator on the planet. Whenever we’re not facilitating workshops, or training facilitators on Stormz features; we’re sharing the tools and knowhow to upskill and develop our community.

Here’s how to practice with Stormz

Take creative collaboration to a new level, here’s how to get started with the Stormz app:

  • 1. Free account

    Create an account here, you’ve got nothing to lose, it’s free! Our trial enables facilitators to invite up to 10 participants within the first month.

  • 2. Step-by-Step Guide

    Our interactive tutorial shows you the workshop activity and how to get moving on your first session.

  • 3. Practice Exercises

    Download here our practice exercises (there’s 3 of them!) to learn how to configure the main features of the Workshop.

  • 4. Templates

    Start your workshop with one of the Stormz templates. You can trial them out on your friends, family, and colleagues. Keep experimenting until you find the perfect template.

Which Stormz template is the best to start with?

These two workshop templates are a great place to get started and find your feet with Stormz. If you’re feeling adventurous, browse our full library of templates.

Practice makes perfect, with Stormz

Stormz, like any good tool, becomes more effective with practice. We designed Stormz for facilitators across the world and the features have been crafted to elevate collaboration into a powerful outlet.

To ensure you as the facilitator get time and exposure to the Stormz service and all the features it has, we offer a free one-month trial for you to develop your expertise. Within that month, you can hone and refine your workshops on Stormz by inviting up to 10 participants. At the end of your free trial, simply upgrade your membership to invite more participants.

You have a question while using Stormz? Browse our Help section.

A Video Demo Will Always Help

At Stormz, we are always looking to bring value to our community; after all we facilitators love to collaborate. If you need to go a little bit deeper on the functionality of Stormz before signing up, we’ve pulled together demo material.

Watch the Stormz YouTube Channel

Join the Stormz Community

Once you’ve signed up to Stormz, you’re part of the family - welcome! Our community loves to share and engage with their experiences on Stormz. If you wish to share your successes, experience, or knowledge about Stormz then we have a Facebook group for you.

As true facilitators, we encourage collaboration and the sharing of Stormz experiences.

Join the Stormz Community

Thinking about taking it to a whole new level?

So, already hooked? If you’d like to know how much it costs to organize collaborative workshops with this incredible app, all the information you need is right here!

Got your Company In Mind?

You wouldn’t be alone. Stormz is a brilliant service for company wide collaboration and if you’d like to roll out Stormz for larger groups, or make it the go-to collaboration tool for your business or organisation, then find out more here.- contact us!

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