How to get started with Stormz

All our tips to start using our collaborative platform and discover uncharted collaborative territories!

Our crack-team of facilitators passionate about collaborative intelligence, Stormz saw the light of day when Alexandre, its founder, set out to develop a digital app custom-made for facilitators. At Stormz, we all share the same belief: one of the trademarks of facilitators is to help each other out. Wouldn’t it be slightly ironic to promote collaborative methods while selfishly keeping for ourselves the tool we’re the most proud of!

That’s why, whenever we’re not facilitating workshops or designing innovative setups, we take the time to share with you – for free – everything you might need to practice your collaborative skills and take part in the continuous upskilling of our incredible community of facilitators!

How to start using Stormz?

Are you yearning for a new adventure and dying to discover uncharted collaborative territories? Here’s how you can get started with the Stormz app:

  • 1.   Create an account – it’s free! Our trial enables to freely invite up to 10 participants during the first month - your account will stay available afterwards.

  • 2.   Follow the step-by-step guide (5’) which enables to understand the paradigm of the Workshop activity.

  • 3. Download here our 3 practice exercises to learn how to configure the main features of the Workshop.

  • 4. Use the templates to organize trial collaborative workshops with your friends, family and colleagues. Try again until you feel at ease!

Which template to use to get started?

Here are two suggestions of simple workshops to get used to Stormz! But you can also browse our library of templates to find the one which will best fit your needs and adapt it.

How about practicing more?

There isn’t any secret formula to become an expert in facilitating workshops with the Stormz app: practicing, again and again, designing, organizing and facilitating collaborative sessions with your friends or colleagues!

To help you in that task and enable you to practice your skills as much as possible, we give you access to the dear tool that’s stood by our side for so many years, and offer you a free trial month during which you’ll be able to organize as many collaborative workshops as you want with up to 10 participants. You’ll still be able to access your free account after this first month, and you will just have to upgrade it to invite some more participants!

You have a question on to use Stormz? Browse our Help section to find the answer to your question.

You cannot find the the answer to your question? Get in touch with our Support team!

Want to watch a demo of Stormz before to start practising?

You need to know more about our collaborative platform and have discover its features before to jump into the deep end and start practising by yourself?

In our Full demos playlist, you will find :

  • A demo of the Workshop and Quiz in 60'
  • A demo of the Workshop in 30'
Watch the videos on our Youtube Channel

Want to exchange with other Stormz users?

Need to ask questions to other people using the platform? Wish to share your successes, experience or knowledge about Stormz? Our group is made for that!

We also keep facilitators updated of the latest release and share some tips about the use of the platform. Join the community 🙂!

Join our Facebook group

Thinking about taking it to a whole new level?

So, already hooked? If you’d like to know how much it costs to organize collaborative workshops with this incredible app, all the information you need is right here!

Do you also want your teams or your entire organization to try out this high-tech collaborative gem? We also organize training sessions, both onsite and online, to help you master Stormz like a real expert - contact us!

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