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An open-air brainstorming and evaluation workshop

A financial group organized an event with 60 of its executives gathered on the Porquerolles island, off the southern coast of France. Stormz was used to support an outdoors brainstorming session, held in a magnificent garden, followed by a multi-criteria evaluation of the best ideas.

A 3-step session

  • 1) An outdoors brainstorming with the Stormz Box

    In the open air and surrounded by nature, participants submitted in small groups their ideas on Stormz, and selected the top two they wished to present.

  • 2) A multi-criteria evaluation on smartphone

    Back inside the room, each group presented their two favorite ideas, and the 60 participants could evaluate them instantly according to three criteria.

  • 3) An instant export for a post-event analysis

    Right after the workshop, an export with all the data was handed over to the clients for a thorough, post-event analysis.

The benefits of the Stormz solution

A powerful multi-criteria evaluation and comprehensive export: While most apps rely on a rather limited “like” button, the Stormz application’s multi-criteria evaluation of the Workshop enables you to conduct artful and far-reaching assessment and decision-making sessions, even with 60 managers in a room. The export, instantly available, contains all the statistical data you need for an in-depth, post-event analysis: traceability of individual votes, average score for all criteria, level of consensus…

No lost time: The transition from the ideation to the evaluation phase was instantaneous; the organization and display of the results, immediate; and the file containing all the data was sent in a heartbeat. Think you’d be able to match that with Post-its, stickers and flipcharts?

100% of the app on mobile phone: Most of the other applications only use phones as a limited data entry tool; with Stormz, participants have immediate access to all the features and information (ideas, graphs…) on their mobile, and can therefore analyze or enrich results, individually or in small groups.

A dependable Wifi: The Wifi in the luxury hotel on Porquerolles was, by all accounts, rather mediocre. Set up in less than three minutes, the Stormz Box guaranteed a completely reliable Wifi that was able to power both the garden (brainstorming on iPads) and the room (evaluation on 60 smartphones).

The Stormz Agency’s customer service: Called one week prior to the event, our facilitators and technicians worked in record-time with the client and its consultants to design reliable and custom-made brainstorming and evaluation sessions.

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