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Connecting with the 2020 Group Strategy

A French insurance group

We are often asked what our limits are. Our answer never changes: we have none!

For many people, a collaborative workshop is only for small groups. How could we extend it to larger settings?

With Stormz, by combining methodology and technology, we’ve been able to bring 1.200 participants to work together, in one room and with one facilitator.

The challenge was significant: How to get coworkers working together on the group strategy for 2020?

  • 1: Between dreams and nightmares

    We split the audience into eight subgroups and assigned one of the main strategic change to each of them. The participants were divided in groups of three and had to fill in their Dream or Nightmare card by describing the various events which led to this result.

  • 2: The Product Box 2020

    Participants summarized the key issues of the 2020 Strategy, we came with an hybrid package (digital and manual) inspired from the Agile software development.

  • 3 : Collaborative Pitch

    First in trios and then with their whole table, for participants to summarize the key issues of the 2020 Strategy, we came up with a hybrid package (digital and manual) inspired from the Agile software development.

Congratulations to the members of Stormz for this digital achievement and the perfect fulfillment of their task: 2 x 1200 participants working together and in groups. Their digital tools have made it possible to hand over the group strategy and invite the managers to work together crosswise. Stormz managed to conduct this event on both the form and the content: it structured the workshop and drew meaning, with the talent of Alexandre as facilitator.

Manuel Solé
Director Sagarmatha Paris

Stormz package

  • 1 auditorium with 1200 participants for the interactive session (morning) and 1 room with 110 round tables for the collaborative workshops (afternoon).
  • 1 facilitator : Alexandre Eisenchteter, 1 Stormz member in the room as technical support, 50 team leaders for the tables, Paper Product Box pattern and Post-it notes.
  • 400 iPads and 1 secure Wi-Fi network designed by Stormz to cover the thousands of square meters of the venue. The hundreds of connected iPads worked perfectly.
  • A lot of enthusiasm!
Entrust us with your Events

Why use Stormz during your big events?


  • The simplicity and power of our Stormz application made it possible to involve all participants in a playful and effective dynamic.
  • Both of these workshops needed the participants to be active in order for them to understand perfectly the Group Strategy and detect the tangible impacts of the future implementation.
  • The conviction, for each participant, to have had the opportunity to express themselves and be aware of the diversity of the 1.200 participants' visions


  • An Excel file with the expected dreams and nightmares, ranked based on the votes.
  • The "Product Box" summarized in a complete and exploitable Excel table.
  • All the results and feedbacks collected during the workshops create an enormous data base for the managing staff to adjust the PR.
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